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I downloaded some hair dformers from Sharecg "K-Hair". I don't know where to place them since I have never created dformers and so have no idea where to place them. I am using DAZ Studio 4.5

Thanks in advance.


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    after extract zip files,
    if you use daz studio, you need only

    K4hair\K4 Hair Fits\K4 DS Hair Fits\content\dFormers\K4 DS Hair Fits

    copy and paste dFormers folda, under your mylibrary.
    content means your ds default contents folda (eg mylibrary etc) so not need to keep contents folda.

    eg mylibrary(your ds default contents folda)>dFormers>K4 DS Hair fits

    if you do not hope customize location, and not understand clear, about each folda,
    I recommend it.

    you can access these files from content library,as same as actuall folda location. under your ds content folda.

    (actually,, I think,, you can free copy and paste each folda anywehre you want under your ds contents folda,
    I have no Dfromers folda, and I do not hope to make new folda under root ds contents folda(mylibrary)
    so copy and paste Dfromers folda under the Script.
    mylibrary>script>dFormers (my pic is shown ) I believe it work too. but do not recommend)

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    Thanks so much for the help. I put it under My library and in DAZ Studio found it perfectly. Thanks again.

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