Transfering Morphs to Converted Clothing

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I originally posted this in Wancow's excellant "Convert ANY V4 Long Dress to Genesis! (TUTORIAL)" Wancow asked that I make a new thread for it. This is mainly directed to those who are converting clothing for Genesis from a Gen3-4 figure generation but may also may apply to those who wish to add additional morphs to figures already fitted to Genesis.

After a conversion, in order to transfer morphs from the original Gen3-4 figure to the same figure converted to Genesis first, just in case, save the converted item as Figure/Prop Asset. Then:

- Load the original Gen3-4 figure (from .cr2) but do not fit to Genesis. Select it in the scene.

- On the Scene menu select Edit->Convert Figure to Weight Mapping… and press Accept

- Run Transfer.

- The Source will be the original Gen3-4 figure and the source Item Shape will be Default. The Target will be the converted figure with Item Shape set to Default

- On Show Options, deselect all but Morph Targets. Click on Morph Targets and select Source Morphs. Press Accept. Morphs will be transferred.

Now re-save the figure as Figure/Prop Asset.


In order to speed things up and provide the converted item with some additional morphs, I have found it useful to install some ready morphs into the Projection Templates which reside in data\DAZ 3D\Genesis\Base\Projection Templates.

To do this, I first selected some items that have a lot of useful morphs that might be re-used on an item that I am converting to Genesis. In fact, if I buy an item specifically made for Genesis, and it does not have as many morphs as I would like, I may use this method on that, as well.

Examples of items that have useful morphs for transfer: anything made by SickleYield typically has a lot of morphs (for long dresses, I use Darla Gown). Also, the recent Dragon Queen for Genesis Female is good.

So what I do is combine morphs into a single figure (using the Transfer Utility) and then save the figure with the combined morphs using Save As->Figure/Prop Assets to data\DAZ 3D\Genesis\Base\Projection Templates and then the appropriate folder under (e.g. data\DAZ 3D\Genesis\Base\Projection Templates\Dress). Being careful to not overwrite anything that is already there, of course. One can create a new folder, as well. That is probably safer, so do that.

Then, after doing a conversion, I will use the transfer with Genesis as source, conversion item as Target, and Projection Template the saved item described above. Under Show Options uncheck all but Morph Targets->Projection Template Morphs. Be sure to uncheck Fit to Source Figure or you may find DS crashing or locking up your machine (perhaps DAZ will find and fix the memory leaks someday).

For example, if the conversion item is a t-shirt, I have SickleYield’s Super Tee (combined with SickleYield’s Layered Tee) saved as a Projection Template and it is very quick to transfer the morphs without having to load anything else into the scene.

For boots I use the WM Cowboy boots for Genesis.

Of course, not all of the transfered morphs will apply or work on the converted figure. But, there are typically several that may be handy. For example, on long dresses, there are morphs to shorten and/or widen the hem, etc.

If anyone else has suggestions as to what can best be used as Projection Templates (or perhaps more accurately Morph Templates), in this case, please respond.


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    This is very useful, thank you very much :)

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    and it works! Tested it myself on two hairs and a dress...

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    First of all thank you and also a thank you to wancow for all the effort you put into these hints/tutorials :)

    What I wondered is, if there is a way to automatically ERC link morphs on transfer like they had been on the source item before? E.g. let's say there is a morph affecting the shin and thigh in a long skirt and it got a ERC in "Morphs" root controlling both. When I transfer these morphs with the "Transfer Utility", then they end up as shin respective thigh related portions in the target clothing and the ERC won't transfer.

    I mean it is no problem to then recreate said ERC within the "Property Editor", but I was curious if this is the result of an option I missed.

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