Strange Grey Blobs ???

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Morning to you all

Another question if I may.

I just wanted to try to use some Trees and Grass as well as a New Hair for one
of the Girls........and before it would load...........I received a pop - up box with a warning saying
something to the effect that a Jpeg file could not be found............I hit ignore and keep going.

The Tree or Hair comes out on Scene as a Big Grey Blob where the item should be??????

IE..........on Her shoulders She has a Big Grey Blob now for a head instead of
Hair On Her Head.

??????? I could not locate these missing Files and so I am asking
if any of You may know what causes this and if there is a Fix.

Thank you Kindly


  • Scott LivingstonScott Livingston Posts: 4,336
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    I think it's likely that your Big Grey Blob is simply the hair model without its texture. The texture would be found in the jpeg file, so if DAZ Studio couldn't find that file, it would have loaded the object without a texture. If you could not locate the missing files...

    1. If there's a readme file, it should contain the file locations, so check there first.
    2. If the file is actually missing, try redownloading and reinstalling the product to see if you can get the missing file that way (if there's been an update or if your original download didn't finish properly). It's also possible that your product isn't installed in the right place for DAZ to locate the appropriate files, so reinstalling could help with that, too...
    3. If all else fails, contact the vendor/provider to report the issue. If you got it from here, you can file a bug report: (you'll need to register).

    I hope this is helpful! If you can tell us which products you are trying to use, that might be helpful in getting more specific answers to your questions.

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 97,830
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    If it's a DAZ Studio 4.5 scene and they are boxy blobs then they are placeholders for items that could not be found - presumably you are working on the same computer, with the same content, so it suggests something is wrong with DS, or with the paths you have selected for content. Please open the Content Directory Manager (a quick way to get their is from the menu you get by right-clicking the tab of the Content Library pane), expand the entries under Current for DAZ Studio Formats, Poser Formats and Import Formats, take a screenshot an post it here.

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