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Hello, everyone! Can i import 3D models from Daz3D in Unity Engine?


  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 27,750
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       With the purchase of the relevant Game dev licenses you can use Daz 3D models to make New games, but it is dependant on buying the relevant licenses.

    You may want to visit our Sibling site   https://www.morph3d.com/

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  • ToyenToyen Posts: 1,583

    Also note that many items in the store are not game ready due to the poly count. I did some tests with how the Daz Original character models were doing compared to models from a AAA game (Witcher 3) here - http://toyen-art.deviantart.com/journal/3D-Diary-In-game-character-design-standards-667507316

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    You'd want to use the Decimator in the DAZ Store to reduce the polygon count of the models. It costs about $100. However as Chohole said if you are just making regular looking human beings the most affordable option is to use the free Morph 3D models for a man & woman in the Unity Asset Store. Then you can buy clothing and such also at the Unity Asset Store or directly at the Morph 3D web site.

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