Victoria to Poser 11??

I'm a poser user.
​I have the Daz Studio, Daz Downloader, etc.

I need to get Victoria to Poser 11 (I don't use Daz)

Trying to get Vicky into the runtime folder for Poser 11 doesn't work even after I authorizedd Total access... I am the owner, sole user, administrator etc. of this computer
Absolutely clueless how to do this..

Is there a link to a Daz to Poser for dummies?
I just can't use Daz Studio...


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    Which version of Vicky   4,5 6 or 7?

    V4 should install directly into Poser, and should have a Poser installer.       V5 and V6  need genesis and Genesis 2 female respectively  and also the DSON importer.  I don't believe P7 works in Poser at all, but I may be wrong there.

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  • Thanks....

    It is Victoria 4. I just installed the latest update to Poser 11 (not pro), and the latest content.

    I have reloaded and see the new content in Poser, but still no Vicky...
    She shows up in Daz Studio... not in Poser

    Where is the "poser installer" not finding it...??????????

    thanks again.,...

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    Which zip files did you install, and to what location?

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    Thanks for the help and comments

    I did it all over again several times with the same results.

    Image shows the steps

    1. Installation
    2. Opens ok in Daz Studio
    3. Can't transfer to Poser, even though I am the administrator and have set access as open to all



    Image removed for nudity. Please see this thread for info:
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    Even considering that you cannot install content under the 'C:/Program Files' heirarchy, why are you trying to export it to it to the Download Manager directory? 

    V4 is already a Poser figure, so you don't need to export it.  Just add your DAZ Studio Library folder to the Poser Library and you will be able to have V4 in Poser easily.  This tutorial shows how to add an existing external runtime; I'd guess that you will want to add c:/Users/Public/Documents/My Daz3d Library/Content     EDIT; use the method from the tutorial for Poser 8,9 and 10; their libraries are similar to Poser 11's...

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    The figure in your screenshot doesn't look like Victoria 4.

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    It sounds like you are not mapping your content libraries. I'm guessing you have both Daz Studio AND Poser 11 on your computer? If so, here's some guidance.

    Watch this video first to make sure you understand the difference between the two libraries:

    Then read this article:

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