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I just made the jump to Windows 7 and Poser Pro 2012 ! As I don't see Poser listed here at Daz anymore I'm wondering if I'll be able to install a New Victoria package. Even customizing the Daz Install Path to read Poser Pro 2012 didn't bring my Daz Cyclorama into the Library. Spent a whole day in Posers Root Directory. I actually contacted Smith Micro. Unfortunately they have yet to hire a Geek translator for mere mortals like myself. Do you happen to know the correct path?

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    DAZ Cyclorama is an older product, and should work with Poser. I'm thinking your problem with that is that later versions of Poser are designed to use external runtimes. This means that you can install your product anywhere, as long as you have a file structure that says "Runtime-libraries-character (or props, poses etc). You can then add your external runtimes to the Poser library browser. The main runtime - the one in the programs folder - isn't normally used for anything except Python scripts.
    Create a Runtime folder anywhere on your computer or an external hard drive, and direct the DAZ installer to it. That should work.

    As for Victoria, be aware that as a Poser user, you can not use any Victoria 5 products, as they're made for Genesis, which is part of DAZ Studio. You can safely buy products for Victoria 4 and older.

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    Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You!!!!
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    yayyy another Poser user

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    yayyy another Poser user

    LOL... me too!

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    I used to use CRPro and switched to Runtime Repair when CRPro support got shaky. It will find (or let you find) missing files.

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    I have been self teaching myself both Daz and Poser I went to convert my Daz figure to poser and when I opened it in poser it looked like Andy. So that being said I am using Poser debut How do I get them back and forth with out it loosing everything? I have the plug to turn it in to the Crs.. etc.

    What am I missing?

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