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DAZ has invested significant amounts of time, energy, and financial resources into building the best possible site to bring the top Published Artists and loyal customers together to offer the highest quality 3D products available.

At its own expense, DAZ has continued to provide a forum where 3rd party vendors could advertise their products free of charge to DAZ customers whether or not the products were available for sale on the DAZ site and despite the fact that DAZ competitors long ago disallowed this practice.

It has unfortunately now become apparent that continuing to allow this practice is detrimental to DAZ and unfair to DAZ Published Artists who publish and promote their products exclusively through the DAZ store.

In order to continue to offer the highest quality products from the Best Published Artists to the Best Customers in this market, DAZ must unfortunately no longer allow the promotion of products in DAZ forums that are not published via the DAZ marketplace.

DAZ remains committed to providing the highest quality products from the best Published Artists in this market.


Will DAZ PAs still be able to promote their products in the forums?
Yes, A new forum section will be created specifically for this purpose. DAZ PAs promoting products that are (or will be for WIP threads) available on the DAZ store will be able to make a post in this new section and/or The Commons designated as "[Commercial]" as they currently do. If they wish, a forum moderator can move the post in The Commons to the new DAZ PA Commercial threads section leaving a ghost thread in the commons.

What will happen to existing threads for products available at other sites?
The forum section that contained these threads will simply be closed and will no longer be available.

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