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If I wanted to save a model where I could move some parts in DAZ (the chain for instance) what would I save it as? Of course, just as an object you cant move anything but what if I wanted to be able to move just one thing? Is there a tut that covers this?

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    you could make a morph. Make your object. Send it to daz. Save.

    Send back to hexagon or just use what you have in hexagon. Don't change vertices count. Move object, rotate or translate as needed in hexagon.(in this case the chain) Send to daz. Be sure item still has same name.

    Daz will ask if you want to load as a morph. Do so.

    Or you could use morph loader pro in daz and load the exported OBJ of the moved object. Hope that helps.

    I sometimes make 2 or three morphs to cover the movement I want. For example, Move up, Move down, Rotate Left, Rotate right etc.

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    I will try that! Thanks!

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    YW, Good luck and enjoy.

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    Thanks alot! That works great!

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