Render Profiles for DAZ Studio 4.5



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    Great to find this, bless you for these.

  • Add my big "Thanks!" as well smiley

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    Thank you SO SO MUCH. Your draft settings may have just put my toon render (which looks the same no matter what quality you choose due to the nature of the shaders) from a several day render to hopefully a couple ofhours. It looks like it. Either way, it's faster. So THANK YOU!!!!

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    * jumps in your arms and hugs you completely* gawd bless you dear you've solved most of my rendering problems, *whispers* its a bit confussing sometimes ya know! I dont work well without a *click this "dumbass" button right here!!* button lol 

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    Seem to still work with 3dlight in 4.9.

    TY Man, if you still follow this necro thread.

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    I guess this is old news now but I have a question.bwill this work for iray in daz ro windows 7 Ult. 64 bit on a laptop?
  • Thank you very much, looks great

  • adamr001 said:

    Finally after much frustration and trial and error I've managed to rebuild my render profiles for DAZ Studio 4.5.

    These scripts give you a quick way to change the output quality and dimensions of your renders by manipulating the Shading Rate, Pixel Samples, Pixel Filter Samples, Shadow Samples, etc. allowing you to quickly and easily go from a "Draft" render to a "Final Quality" render without having to mess with the Render Settings tab and remember what each knob does.

    Available for download at:

    These presets are free for any use, but may not be distributed by any method other than the original download link indicated above without my express written permission.

    Unzip to the same directory that your DS4 Default Content is installed to.

    You will find these presets under DAZ Studio Formats > My Library > Scripts > AMR > DS4 Render Preferences

    There are quality and render dimenion presets in this package. The quality items are defined as the table below. Render Dimension Presets are divided by aspect ratio and follow generally accepted video standards or are a multiplier thereof, e.g. 3840x2160_2x_HD1080 which is twice the resolution of HD1080.

    Quality Preset Definitions:
    Draft Quality - Used frequently when setting up a scene.
    Pixel Samples X/Y : 4
    Shadow Samples : 4
    Shading Rate : 2.00
    Pixel Filter X/Y : 6
    Proof Quality - Used for fine tuning lighting.
    Pixel Samples X/Y : 6
    Shadow Samples : 8
    Shading Rate : 1.00
    Pixel Filter X/Y :
    Average Quality - This is the first "final" quality setting. It's for those who want speed or a little softness.
    Pixel Samples X/Y : 8
    Shadow Samples : 16
    Shading Rate : 0.50
    Pixel Filter X/Y : 6
    High Quality - Getting serious, this is much finer and is for those who prefer sharper renders.
    Pixel Samples X/Y : 8
    Shadow Samples : 32
    Shading Rate : 0.20
    Pixel Filter X/Y : 8
    Very High Quality - This is generally used for final renders for competitions and other areas where close inspection is expected.
    Pixel Samples X/Y : 12
    Shadow Samples : 32
    Shading Rate : 0.10
    Pixel Filter X/Y : 8
    Insane Quality - This is very nearly the highest possible render settings that DAZ Studio can do. Don't know why you'd use it other than to torture yourself.
    Pixel Samples X/Y : 32
    Shadow Samples : 32
    Shading Rate : 0.050
    Pixel Filter X/Y : 8
    Motion Blur Standard - Sets up your render preferences for Motion Blur
    Pixel Samples X/Y : 16
    Motion Blur Samples : 16
    Motion Blur High - A higher quality motion blur for less pixelation
    Pixel Samples X/Y : 16
    Motion Blur Samples : 32
    Depth of Field Standard - Sets up your render for Depth of Field
    Pixel Samples X/Y : 12
    Depth of Field High - Smoother blurring
    Pixel Samples X/Y : 16
    Depth of Field Insane - By know you know what this means...
    Pixel Samples X/Y : 32

    Hai Guys, Please make this too for ''Render Profile for Daz Studio 4.10 Pro'' Please??? 

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    adamr001 said:

    Hai Guys, Please make this too for ''Render Profile for Daz Studio 4.10 Pro'' Please??? 


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    Hi !
    This looks amazing. Does it work with the last verion ?
    @adamr001 would you ming re-uploading the scripts, the original link doesnt work anymore.

    In advance, thank you !

    Cheers !

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