Ahoge and Cowlicks

Requested: a utility package of add-on hair pieces, especially for the top of the head (often used in anime to indicate certain personality types or moments).  Could be mixed with a few other add-on hair types, too. Yes, I'm aware of Aave's product and it's on my wishlist but it's more extensions than expressive bangs/cowlicks, I believe.


  • thistledownsnamethistledownsname Posts: 1,045

    I want this too!

  • JonSea31JonSea31 Posts: 340

    I wouldn't mind a cowlick for a cosplay version of Alfalfa from "The Little Rascals".

  • dreamfarmerdreamfarmer Posts: 2,107

    I still want this! I’d forgotten I even requested it, though never that I wished it existed. 

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