Drastically increase the stretching of Genesis mouth?

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to make a monster that can open it's mouth impossibly wide to devour it's victims, but the mouth controls on Genesis are really limiting! I realize it's to be realistic, but even editing the parameter settings to allow 500% doesn't actually change anything.

Is there a way for me to give Genesis a truly gaping maw? Preferably for free >.>


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    Honestly? By making a morph that fits the specific critter you're making.

    Can we see an image of it, by the way?

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    I'd like to have a morph like this too, not quite big enough to devour a whole person, but something that stretches quite a bit beyond normal human limits. Something useful for half-human monsters, maybe certain vampires, etc. Oskarsson has made some really weird stuff for Genesis, maybe he'll take a look at this thread. ;)

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    While we're on the topic, does anyone know how I can make the spine defined? I really like the exposed spinal column look (A la Lady Gaga in Bad Romance)

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    @Valandar http://i47.tinypic.com/9hj5ky.png

    It's not nearly finished yet. I need to make the head more wide, the arms bigger and the legs thinner. I also need to figure out the spine thing. I'm planning on it being humanoid (obviously) but mostly a quadraped.

    I have an issue of stopping at the point where I was at until I solve my issue (the two I'm at now are the mouth morph and spine morph). Once that's finished I'm going to lean out the legs, and see if I can't re-rig the bones to have backwards knees.

    The shape is meaningless, all I really want to have is a big gaping mouth on a relatively scary monster with human teeth. I saw a horror movie that I cant remember the name of that had a human tooth'd monster like I described and it was nightmare inducing.

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    The mouth open slider on the head isn't the actual morph - that's on the root ("Genesis") node - and also involves the jaw bones, I think. As a result changing its limits doesn't actually have any effect - it stops at the limits on the master sliders. But if this is anything you plan to share you can't really use altered limits, so you really need to follow Valandar's advice then.

  • so theres no way to do it?

  • As Valandar said, create a custom morph.

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    you can turn off the morph limits. probably double in size. choose mouth, hit the settings button above the slider ..parameters, and uncheck limits. Accept. if that makes sense cool, otherwise let me know and I can take a screen shot. I'm rendering right now, otherwise i would put up a screen shot. I doubt its big enough to swallow a horse .. 


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