Ball above objects- How to make it disappear

WolpiWolpi Posts: 320
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HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear creative members! And here's my first question in 2013:
Some content appears with an Adjust Ball above it. Is there a way to make it invisible when I don't need it?


  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 17,301
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    There is usually a utility material preset to make handles invisible -- if not, go to the Surfaces tab and look for a surface called Handles, and make that invisible.

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 51,490
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    If it's a separate part, select it and click the eye icon next to it in the Scene pane or the Visible button in the Parameters pane; if not use the Surface selection tool to select it and in the Surfaces pane set the Opacity to 0%.

  • WolpiWolpi Posts: 320
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    Thank you very much, fixmypcmike an Richard! You give me hope and I'm going to follow your advices!

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