F4 Phantom

Getting there!

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    WOW, Nice start there, how very ambitious of you...
    more, more, please...

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    Excellent work.
    I remember building a plastic model of the Phantom when I was a kid.
    When you think about it these plastic model kits you can buy are an excellent reference source for creating 3d models.

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    Yes I have often thought of BUYINH a model as a reference! BUT am afraid before I left the Hobby shop I would have about $1,000 or more in other supplies to build and finish the model.

    I was pretty anal then as a kid with respects to detail and modification to all my models and i am even worse now with 3D modeling!

    One of my happiest days as a kid was when some company came out with a set of specifically designed and colored paint called a "dirt and grime" set. It had MUD and RUST and GRIME and DUST colored paint.

    NOW as a Old man of 50 I was just as excited when I found out about DCG "ANYTHING GOOS!" and their other plugin ins! YUM YUM!

    Yea I count tel lyou how many F4 Models I build in my day.

    ALso Some of my best sources for this F4 Model have been Scale Modeler sites blogs and posts.

    One scaler turned me onto RUSSIAN website that free that has more varied and more detailed BLUEPRINTS and LOFT LINE than any other site i have found even BLUE-PRINTS .com The only issue it that everything in RUSSIAN and you got to do a lot of guessing!

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    NOW as a Old man of 50

    Wow - and I'm a young 70!

    Started this F18 Hornet a couple years ago and never finished because I still can't figure how to integrate the wings cleanly into the fuselage.

    Seriously, though, I've seen many of you models and they are really great


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    WINGS! I would not try to incorporate the WINGS into the FUSELAGE object or pull them out of it. AT least in the F4 I would have to think about the F-18! I see no reason to DRAG geometry out of the F4 FUSELAGE instead of making the wings a separate object. In a real 4f they look like they are added on anyways.

    UNLESS the wings have a very smooth incorporation such as as f-16.

    I like and think SIMPLE is best specially if you have a program with good SMOOTHING!

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    The real test in my F4 will be HOW the UV mapping works out! I actually think about what I am gunna do to get there late at night when i UV MAP IT!

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    NOW as a Old man of 50
    :gulp: Blimey! Old @ 50 and I'm two years older than Roygee. :lol:
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    The older I get the bigger monitor i need! LOL! Got my eyes on the Ultrasharp 30 inch dell!

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