DSON File Format Specification

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This is also posted in the SDK forum, here, but given that script developers and plugin developers are not necessarily one in the same, I'm posting this here as well...

The DAZ Scene Object Notation (DSON) File Format Specification is now available for viewing by the general public.


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    Just to clarify if I pre-load genesis with all my clothing in my product, plus dial up the the genesis shapes and apply some default materials. I can save this as a DSON file and include that with my product so people don't have to do all the fitting themselves and this is all above board. Also if I use this format say for posing I can include the clothing morphing parameters, say I have a flowing skirt and I make it so the clothes don't collide with genesis, now does it replace the entire scene or will it read the file and just update the parameters?

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    Is there any study material or book available to know about this from very basic???

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    Try looking up JSON, the general system of which DSON is a specific form. Depending on what you want, that may or may not help.

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