Pauline.obj missing on Poser Pro 11

So I downloaded and installed all of the downloads under the download manager on my mac, For both the basic and then the pro update, but When I tried  to use the Pauline figure, Or the Pauline advanced I get the "Find Pauline.obj" error message and searching my Mac, It does not exist. So my question is what do I need to download/install/do to fix Pauline? As I said, I tried reinstalling all the files and still nothing. Pauline (as far as I have found) Is "Free and included" with Poser 11 Basic and Pro upgrade. Roxie and the other characters also does not appear to work. 

On the Download Manager, Everything is showing up as Redownload, and the pkg files for all of them is under the Poser 11 installed folder in the main Download manager folder.


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    It is compressed as pauline.obz, and it is in the same folder as the Pauline .cr2; runtime/libraries/character/people/Pauline...

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    Thats the issue though, I only have Pauline Causal.obz

    Well I got Pauline.obz now, I had to reinstall Poser 11 for it to finally throw it under the folder >.<

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