Help with Vectorstyle 2 errors

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I’m having issues with vectorstyle 2 so I thought I’d make a post here and see if anyone can help me out. Basically when I use “export animation” in the vectorstyle 2 exporter the resulting file(s) contain an error where parts of the model get left behind or lines disappear in places they shouldn’t.

For example lines from the string on an arm bracer will stay in the spot theystarted while the arm and the rest of the body all move correctly. This doesn’t happen if I render each frame individually, by that I mean if I move the slider along the timeline and select save as a single file for each frame in the animation.

So I was wondering if anyone knows how to either:
1. Stop this problem from occurring
Or 2. make the process of saving each frame individually more automated or less tedious as I might need to save hundreds of frames for an animation.
Any help would be appreciated

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