*CLOSED* RRRR Alternative Holidays Render Contest



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    thanks Totte!

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    Time has run away with me this last month but I'm looking forward to at least being around for the voting... :) Though that's going to be one tricky task.

    I can see more than a few alternative holidays I'd like to join in with if only they existed. Love those expressions and poses in the Tau Centauri Jazz Festival, Gopherus! I also want to grab a tequila from that muscular bartender, hang out with some of the interesting crowd on SAMCAM day and maybe even put a bid in on one of the Folly Days lots. You know, after stopping by here, real life holidays suddenly seem so boring...

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    thanks IndigoJanson for your comments!

    there should be a window of a couple weeks for the voting.  and then it ll be time to get your list ready for the next round of renders.  hope you can make the voting and the next round of fun!

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    Gopherus #10

    Almirena Dress 
    Carnival Ride Poses 
    M4 Internal Organs 
    Anime Star Fighter Bundle    (LB)
    (Mitsu Hair, Mech Girl A3, Stinger, Aiko 3)
    Forest Mysteria Plant Pack    (LB)

    And the Winner Is…

    Epi Metheus.  Zeus has declared that Marathon Day be an Olympian holiday.  This year twin brothers Pro and Epi Metheus were neck and neck coming down the final stairway, when Pro took a tumble suffering from stomach cramps.  Fortunately Zeus’ healing eagle was right there to remove the cramps, literally.  Poor Epi Metheus suddenly realized that he had won and that the prize included the hand of Pandora in marriage as well as her dowry which she carries in that jar…. Better not open it!  Kind of makes you wonder if Pro Metheus threw the race just to get his hands on Zeus’ cigarette lighter.

    1184 x 1480 - 2M
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    Gopherus #10 Oh, Gopherus, that is awesome! Great story and a legitimate use for M4's internals! (Hope is passes the TOS - well, no blood with that liver.) 
    Gopherus #9 - This one is so funny! I love the expressions, especially the one on the right. 

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    tag:luci45 #11
    Yad Senitnelav
    On Yad Senitnelav (February 25th) the the not-so-cute dipucs come with their crossbows to free the love-struck, undoing Cupid's work for another year. (Why these ladies were enamored with Big Maurice is a mystery.)

    Girlish Fashion
    Lion Heart Mix and Match Expressions for Leo 7
    Northern Terrace Street
    Garden Party Hair for Genesis 3 Female(s)
    Edit Hair for Genesis 3 Female(s) (LB)
    Friday Hair for Genesis 3 Female(s) (LB)
    Dream Home : Dining Room (LB) 
    Props Pack - Goth Cherub Wings (LB)
    FW Cayman HD for Darius 6 (LB)
    Sexy Time Lingerie Textures (LB)
    Atlantida Temple (LB)
    Mafioso Unimesh Fits (LB)

    Also used:
    1936 AM Sedan
    City Roads curb
    The Backstreets street Light
    Renaissance Male Clothing For Genesis
    Ivan 7
    Heart Throb Hair for Genesis 3 Males
    Victoria 6
    Girl's Night Outfit for Genesis 2 Female(s) skirt
    From Russia for Rune 7
    various poses, morphs and shaders


    Yad Senitnelav.jpg
    1800 x 1440 - 688K
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    Thanks Luci45.  Yeah, i worried about the TOS, too.  No violence.  Just a benign bloodless surgical procedure to straighten out his guts... an out patient procedure at that.

    @Luci45 #11  Great one!  But so unfair... couldn t they wait to the morning after to burst his bubble?  I think it s Big Maurice s boundless energy that is attracting the women.  He s so over the top he can handle two at once.  He reminds me of one of those health doctors on the late night infomercials

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    Thanks, Gopherus. Yes, Maurice does look energetic. Don't worry. He will find more ladies, or they will find him - they love his sexy infomercials. laugh

    Pull #12:

    Old Fashioned Bicycles
    Gala for V4
    Lake Village
    Urban Sprawl 2 The Big City 
    MountainScapes Backdrops (LB)
    Cyborg Maintenance Unit (Rendo)(LB)
    West Park Treatment Room (LB)   I am invoking the 3-large-environment rule. This one is just too much! surprise
    Eliot Hair for Genesis 3 Male(s) & Female(s) (LB)
    Millennium SubDragon Poses (LB)
    Bride's Gold (LB)
    Chestnut-Capped Puffbird (LB)
    SS Storybook Dragon Mappak (LB) 
    Its A Wrap (LB)

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    My first pull:

    995 Morrigan Outfit for G3F
    235 Stylin for M4
    879 Aiko 4 Isa, Real Textures 
    684 Alicia for Victoria Iven
    920 Barrel Vacuum Cleaner (LB)

    Looks like it's going to be a lot of ladies... Damn those freebies, taking like half of the pull. I should grab less free stuff.

    Chanteur-de-Vent #1

    Title: Witch liberation day

    In memory of all the burned witches during the Medieval Ages, the witches now got their own celebration day, the "Witch liberation day" celebrating their freedom to practice their crafts without being killed or accused. The day usually starts with a big parade, when all the witches of the town go on the streets, showing some minor tricks and playing magical jokes on the people they meet. Therfore the local church advise normal people to stay at home and carry a cross at all times when forced to be outside. 

    2100 x 2400 - 5M
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  • Ouch, lots of catching up to do...

    luci45 #1: A parade with dragons is always a good thing, although with another couple of centuries, they'll have to invent some more compact way of transformation...

    Gopherus #1: Poor guy, I wouldn't want to eat that either. I mean, the only green food containing protein I know is the one with serious funghi in it

    Totte #1: As a physicist I would tell you that not beam of electrons can move anything that big. And if it was influential enough, it would harm people as well. But then it's RRRR... Go bears! I vote for them!

    Totte #2: So they practice on poor robots? No fair! Love the lighting there though. Nice idea. 

    luci45 #2: What can be more be-brothering, than exchanging alcohol brews? Love the guy upfront, with dark makeup. He looks totally cool.

    Karibou #1: Wow, love the portal with swarming sould inside. And the dark girl upfront is also very descriptive for "Afterlife".

    Totte #3: Love all the shiny surfaces. Is the girl in red crying or reading description?

    Gopherus #2: Any day with "Diablo" in it will result in unpredictable results, she should have known that...

    Totte #4: I bet the aliens were looking for so many years at the celebration, untill some group of drunk teenagers from space decided to crash the party...

    Gopherus #3: With such amount of dogs, I doubt cats are the tormenting type. But then... Maybe half of them are gone already... 

    Barbult #1: Love this one. Never underestimate rats in their escape possibilities. 

    luci45 #3: Love how they really looks like posing for an important picture. And nice references. 

    luci45 #4: Everybody would love that day. I mean, who doesn't like a party shooting?

    Totte #5: So I wonder, what do they do to make her have a beard? Pump her with testosteron a couple of months upfront? Or plainly stick the beard on the chin right before the ceremony?

    Saphirewild #1: Love how the gingerbread man seems to be the host of the party. I bet it's hard to do exactly as he says.

    luci45 #5: Love the face expressions. I bet he has lots of trouble to staying a calm and just ruler and would rather have a party instead.

    Totte #6: Knowing the industry, I bet politicians would take that as desired "negative publicity" transferring from politicians to reality star status...

    Totte #7: Wonderful idea, I think Smaug deserves so much devotion. He was quite a dragon. 

    luci45 #6: I wish that was real. Sometimes seeing so many people with their nose in the smartphone makes me wish to pull the plug from the electricity and internet all together to let them realize there is more than just facebook or games. 

    Gopherus #4: They look really joyful. Either they love it, or there was some alcohol involved...

    luci45 #7: Damn it, that looks so cool. Especially that half sneaking guy with a moustache in the upper right corner. Looks like a scene from some movie, where the main character suddenly realizes something is clearly amiss, first noticing one guy defying gravity, then the whole camera zooms out showing there are many more under tragical music.

    Gopherus #5: Love the lady with the monocular, she really seems to take the day seriously.

    Totte #8: That sounds like a card from "Monty Python" flux. If you speak with an outrageous accent, you may take an extra card. 

    Saphirewild #2: At first glance I thought there was blood on the carpet, but I guess so far no actual accident has happened.

    luci45 #8: Love the perspective. I guess having gender fluidity can be very handy.

    Karibou #2: I guess it's indeed a conflicted celebration. For all parties. Damsels might be treated as a trophy instead of a human being, slayers are booed on for making dragons extinct and dragon bones have to remind people those weren't harmless creatures.

    Karibou #3: Sounds like something our public would definitely love to watch.

    Gopherus #6: Poor Luis, this is definitely not what he expected...

    Totte #9: I guess this is how marriages are supposed to form. Although, wouldn't different village snab at each other, for being "other" that their own?

    Digital Lite Design #1: Nice lighting, she looks really self-absorbed in the reality. 

    luci45 #9: Oh, who cares about those humans in dresses, give us a proper snail!

    Gopherus #7: I bet the souls would risk quite a lot to get into heaven or Limbo. Perhaps even combo attacks are possible.

    Totte #10: I bet it will end very well that day. A man comes back from the sale "Honey, can I buy this super expensive car?" Wife, very drunk from Tequilla, "Offffff courrseee...."

    Gopherus #8: Yeah, the shadowman is heavy competition....

    luci45 #10: Poor guys need a celebration day too, nothing wrong with that.

    Gopherus #9: Well, it is kinda clever to have bubblegum there, but not when you have to play it...

    Gopherus #10: Pro Metheus looks quite confident in his decisions, I bet he did it exactly for that lighter...

    luci45 #11: I guess more work for Cupid then...


    Damn guys you've been busy. I guess some people spend holiday just rendering... cheeky

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    Thanks everyone for the comments!

    Gopherus #8: That's a strange holiday, mix it with tequila day, might be fun.
    luci45 #10: That's a fun day, I can decide which party to attend ;-)
    Gopherus #10: So very greek, a free day decided by the gods!
    luci45 #11: That's a very evil day, or good, depending on whose side you're on, poor Maurice.


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    Tag: Totte#11 

    Totte said:


    #6227 Utopia Cityscape Blocks (#18940)
    #4332 Playtime (#13691)
    #3830 Movie Sets, Low Poly Three (Rendo)
    #391 Asterella for GIS Empress (#20947)

    Also Used:
    Rama Drums (Drum Riser)
    Genesis + YT Justin + GA Mark + Royal Punk + SAV AlphaScalp
    Genesis + YT Julie + GA Marissa + On the Farm + Pretty Tailor Hair
    IG Iray Olympia  + GIS Empress +  Wren Hair
    1st oncoming traffic
    LP Vehicles

    Shaders Used:
    PBS Shaders Vol 3
    Iray Converter for Genesis
    Subsurface Toolbox
    UHT2 hair Salon

    The Mayotropolis day

    On the last friday in April, Mayor Irene von Schnappsenberg puts her visions for the small sleepy town of Adlerberg onto display on the town square, dressed in futuristic clothes, and everyone can come and see it. The day is a holiday in Adlerberg but for the past ten years, no one comes to the town square.


    1600 x 900 - 252K
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    Gopherus #11

    Dream Home Yard and Pool 
    V4 Future Cop 
    Future Quiet 
    Antoinette Bust Set 
    Hawthorn Hair    (LB)
    Norsemen 2   (LB)

    Bastille Day (Tau Centauri)

    Bastille Day is celebrated in a galaxy far far away by a game of roller derby between the men and women.  The winners get to keep the bust of Marie Antoinette for the following year.  Looks like the men won this year and the women are miffed.  The bust of Marie is probably the only one getting kissed for the next year.

    (edit - oops! Bastille Day is a holiday so this must be an alternate version)

    roller derby.jpg
    1184 x 1480 - 2M
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    Thanks Chanteur de Vent for your comments.  Algae or seaweed can work as well as fungi to turn your food green.  Use atlantic seaweed or you may end up glowing in the dark.

    @Chanteur de Vent #1  LOL!  If one of those witches took to the streets I might be willing to commiserate with her but when they come in packs I think I ll stay home with a blanket over my head.  Good one!

    Thanks Totte for your comments.  Tequila can mellow out whatever holiday you re celebrating. It helps the men get up the nerve to auction themselves off.

    @Totte #11  Looks like some citizens are celebrating Beltane a little early... or getting extra mileage from their Halloween costumes.  No wonder the citizens are not showing up and hoarding their easter candy for themselves.  Well done!

    Draw #12  (If I can get to it)

    Teen Ashley Character and Hair 
    Hammer Tail Dragon 
    Lost Avenue Terminal 
    Adobe Ruin  formerly from runtime DNA
    Urban Shabby Chic V4  (LB)
    Speed Lights Outdoor Light Set   (LB)

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    tag:luci45 #12
    Zanpoori Centenial Celebration
    Once every hundred years the magic fishing village of Zanpoori appears off the coast of New Altuna. There is a big celebration as new Altuna residents invade the tiny village for shopping and sightseeing. Altunian Kalie complained "It ain't no Brigadoon. The little talking bird was so ordinary-looking, but the fast tattoos were pretty OK."

    Old Fashioned Bicycles
    Gala for V4
    Lake Village
    Urban Sprawl 2 The Big City 
    MountainScapes Backdrops (LB)
    Cyborg Maintenance Unit (Rendo)(LB)
    Eliot Hair for Genesis 3 Male(s) & Female(s) (LB)
    Millennium SubDragon Poses (LB)
    Bride's Gold (LB)
    Chestnut-Capped Puffbird (LB)
    SS Storybook Dragon Mappak (LB) 
    Its A Wrap (LB)

    Also used:
    Sunday Casuals: Basics for Genesis 3 Female(s)
    Kalea 7
    Metal Magic Overlays Addon - Body Art for Genesis 3 Female(s)
    Lorenzo Lorez
    Loretta Lorez
    Sultry Hair for Genesis and Genesis 2 Females
    Olympia 6 texture
    Modern Brides shoes
    Girl's Night Outfit for Genesis 2 Female(s) leggings

    fishing village.jpg
    2000 x 1500 - 817K
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  • TotteTotte Posts: 12,374

    luci45 #12: You end with a bang, all twelve and what a superb image, so many things going on there!

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    MelanieL said:

    Finally got myself organised, so here goes Pull 1:

    765 = Snowlands Pak for WorldBase XT (14890)
    2901 = CatSuit (11266)
    1553 = David 5 Starter Bundle (16131)
    549 = Carnival Extravaganza 4 (13343)
    956 = Spanish Rose -- Macetas de Flores (3604) - LB

    I excelled myself in how long this one took to get started/finished. But here goes at last:

    Title: The Little Snoring First Snowday Festival

    Every year the residents of Little-Snoring-in-the-Vale eagerly awaited the first snowfall of the winter, when the carnival would be set up and a festival would begin. Because snow was pretty rare in Little Snoring, the residents liked really to go to town with their celebrations when they had the chance!

    David 5 Starter Bundle - (Top Hat Man) David 5, Royal Punk, Pure Hair Punk, Gentleman Adventurer Poses #1
    Carnival Extravaganza 4 - (Dancing Girls) Performer for V4, Performer Unimesh (textures) - (Props) La Calesita (for Carousel), Revelrie Midway, Pickup Truck 1930, Old Busted Joints

    Also Used:
    Catsuit Lady - V4 Rieka, Trixy hair, Tube Top (dynamic freebie), Ballerina Assembly Kit (shoes)
    Dancing Girls - FW Cassie, Belle 6, Ballet Bun Hair, Equilibrium (red texture) for Performer
    Props - Midway Fun, Midway Games

    1280 x 800 - 683K
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    Ah-hmm, I'm a little behind with what's been going on in this thread blush - sorry if my comments are so late that you forgot the entries I'm talking about!

    Totte #8 - love it! I can guess where you got that idea. Great render too - lovely use of colour for that scene.
    Saphirewild #2 - ooh, looks a bit dangerous, but they seem to be having fun.
    luci45 # 8 - well, there had to be somewhere when misandrony was a thing - well done those aliens for adapting so well! Lovely render too.
    Karibou #2 - you can't please all the people all the time. Great render. (I feel your pain with the GPU - that's why I still use 3Delight a lot)
    Karibou #3 - what a shame I don't have that channel, it sounds like great watching! Another lovely render too.
    Gopherus #6 - really funny! I love that Greek misunderstanding.
    Totte #9 - (there's a coincidence - two renders of Bal a Versailles right next to each other!) Great idea for a holiday and pretty too (well, some of them are almost pretty wink)
    Digital Lite Design #1 - now there's a holiday I could look forward to! Nicely done.
    luci45 #9 - not too sure that those clothes will sell very well with the residents - maybe there a little too slinky? Fun idea.
    Gopherus #7 - eek, I hope that's not real, I don't think  my spine would cooperate these days! Another great idea (I wish I had your imagination indecision)
    Totte #10 - I think the barman is the lucky one! Good idea.
    Gopherus #8 - a meat market for men - do they have anyone on sale who's good at housework?
    luci45 #10 - aw, sweet! (Where's my invitation then?)
    Gopherus #9 - tee hee! Great idea with the bubblegum.
    Gopherus #10 - such a lot going on there! The grisly eagle is a gem, and the expresson on Epi Metheus is perfect (Don't open the jar!!!)
    luci45 #11 - why are they so enamoured you ask? Perhaps he's a very rich man with a high-powered job? Ooh and there are the pouffy-pants too!
    Chanteur-de-Vent #1 - now you don't want to cross those ladies! I see Stylin' Man is clutching his cross.
    Totte #11 - what a shame, she went to so much trouble too!
    Gopherus #11 - what a competetive bunch! Fun idea again.
    luci45 #12 (TWELVE?!?) - what a brilliant final fling! So much to see, and a wonderful render. Well done you!

    Yesterday I thought I might have time for a second entry but somehow it's after midnight here already, so no way can I beat that deadline. Good luck to everyone who has entered (or still has time to) - it was fun looking through all those entries.

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    @Luci45 #12  Excellent!  a cross between brigadoon and diagon alley perhaps.  very complex and colorful

    @MelanieL #1  Ah!  just like the rose parade... skimpily clad girls pretending that they re not freezing their ruffles off.  Good one!

  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,438

    Thanks, Chanteur-de-Vent, Totte, Gopherus and MelanieL
    Chanteur-de-Vent #1 Hehe, awesome. They look very serious.
    Totte#11 LOL, "von Schnappsenberg"? One of your best names. Maybe she needs some entertainment and free food (and beer) to pull in  a crowd. 
    Gopherus #11 Wow, victory is sweet. The guys are really rubbing it in, huh?  Great posing and expressions!
    MelanieL#1 Wow, and interesting pull. The bare legs are making me cold. I think Totte's Mayor von Schnappsenberg could use their help on Mayotropolis Day. Hehe

    Will Gopherus post #12 before midnight?

  • TotteTotte Posts: 12,374

    And Closed!

    / Totte

  • SaphirewildSaphirewild Posts: 6,160

    Good luck to ev1!!!!

    Some pretty amazing Holidaze this round!!!!

  • SaphirewildSaphirewild Posts: 6,160

    I am sorry I was not abe to finish my pull before time ran out real life so got in the way with doctor apointments and such.

    I do so hope to keep up next round whenever it starts!!

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    shaaelia said:

    My pull:

    #1746 - Uptown Halter Dress

    #386 - Dies Nefastus

    #1360 - S.F.C.S Sci-fi Construction Set

    #674 - Grungy Jeeps

    Some interesting options in here...

    Ancestors day:
    As we journey into the stars, the travellers from Old Earth found that they wanted to be able to celebrate the people who'd come before them.  Each crew member is therefore allocated some time in the holodeck, and dresses in the fashion of the the time that their ancestors' passed away.



    Jan 2017 RRRR draw 1 attempt 1.png
    1000 x 1250 - 2M
  • TotteTotte Posts: 12,374
    shaaelia said:
    shaaelia said:

    My pull:

    #1746 - Uptown Halter Dress

    #386 - Dies Nefastus

    #1360 - S.F.C.S Sci-fi Construction Set

    #674 - Grungy Jeeps

    Some interesting options in here...

    Ancestors day:
    As we journey into the stars, the travellers from Old Earth found that they wanted to be able to celebrate the people who'd come before them.  Each crew member is therefore allocated some time in the holodeck, and dresses in the fashion of the the time that their ancestors' passed away.


    Sorry you were too late, but please join for the next run, a good entry it would have been

    Voting is up: http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/142066/rrrr-alternative-holidays-voting-thread


  • GopherusGopherus Posts: 998

    @shaaella #1  Alright!  Even in the distance future people will be remembering their grand daddy s 4WD jeeps and off roading... if only on a holodeck.  Good one!

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