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    Fashion Week
    Declared a holiday on Planet Gurg by the ruling human minority, Fashion Week never caught on in spite of extensive promotional tours. 

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    Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick....

    Once every millennium Limbo Day is celebrated in Hades.  On that day anyone able to get past St. Peter is allowed to ascend to Heaven.  Everyone else is given the opportunity to enter Limbo if they are agile enough.  All they have to do is go under the Limbo Laser while risking losing vital body parts, of course.  Music is furnished for their enjoyment. 

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    Tequila Day

    On the first Monday in June, it's Tequila Day. It all started as a gimmick by some salesmen, much like Black Friday or After Christmas sales. In all market squares in towns, bars are open and free for all women, as long as the men go and browse among cars, boats and other expensive heavy machinery. it's a very popular day and also called Manly Shopping Holiday


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    Folly Days

    Folly Days is celebrated to reverse the normals roles assigned to men and women.  On Folly Days men are auctioned off to the women for charity.  Not all men bring equal bids however.  And these women better be quick with their bids, because here comes the Shadowman recruiting zombie spirits for work in the fields.

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    SAMCAM Day
    The normies usually stay home on May 25th when the socially awkward, morphologically challenged, aliens and mutants come  out of the shadows to celebrate their day. 

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    Tau Centauri Jazz Festival Week

    The Tau Centauri Jazz Festival is celebrated on Transit Week, when Tau Centauri transits the galactic center.  To be invited to play there is a true honor.  But just as the Jazz Kittens were about to reach their final crescendo Queenie suddenly remembered where she had left her wad of bubble gum…

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    And the Winner Is…

    Epi Metheus.  Zeus has declared that Marathon Day be an Olympian holiday.  This year twin brothers Pro and Epi Metheus were neck and neck coming down the final stairway, when Pro took a tumble suffering from stomach cramps.  Fortunately Zeus’ healing eagle was right there to remove the cramps, literally.  Poor Epi Metheus suddenly realized that he had won and that the prize included the hand of Pandora in marriage as well as her dowry which she carries in that jar…. Better not open it!  Kind of makes you wonder if Pro Metheus threw the race just to get his hands on Zeus’ cigarette lighter.

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    Yad Senitnelav
    On Yad Senitnelav (February 25th) the the not-so-cute dipucs come with their crossbows to free the love-struck, undoing Cupid's work for another year. (Why these ladies were enamored with Big Maurice is a mystery.)

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    Witch liberation day

    In memory of all the burned witches during the Medieval Ages, the witches now got their own celebration day, the "Witch liberation day" celebrating their freedom to practice their crafts without being killed or accused. The day usually starts with a big parade, when all the witches of the town go on the streets, showing some minor tricks and playing magical jokes on the people they meet. Therfore the local church advise normal people to stay at home and carry a cross at all times when forced to be outside. 

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    The Mayotropolis day

    On the last friday in April, Mayor Irene von Schnappsenberg puts her visions for the small sleepy town of Adlerberg onto display on the town square, dressed in futuristic clothes, and everyone can come and see it. The day is a holiday in Adlerberg but for the past ten years, no one comes to the town square.

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    Bastille Day (Tau Centauri)

    Bastille Day is celebrated in a galaxy far far away by a game of roller derby between the men and women.  The winners get to keep the bust of Marie Antoinette for the following year.  Looks like the men won this year and the women are miffed.  The bust of Marie is probably the only one getting kissed for the next year.

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    Zanpoori Centenial Celebration
    Once every hundred years the magic fishing village of Zanpoori appears off the coast of New Altuna. There is a big celebration as new Altuna residents invade the tiny village for shopping and sightseeing. Altunian Kalie complained "It ain't no Brigadoon. The little talking bird was so ordinary-looking, but the fast tattoos were pretty OK."

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    Title: The Little Snoring First Snowday Festival

    Every year the residents of Little-Snoring-in-the-Vale eagerly awaited the first snowfall of the winter, when the carnival would be set up and a festival would begin. Because snow was pretty rare in Little Snoring, the residents liked really to go to town with their celebrations when they had the chance!

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