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Can some one please tell me if there is a tutorial anywhere on how to attach your own HDR images to BB env sphere?...i need like a step by step explanation.

Below are some promo renders done with the env sphere..the photo around the car is attached to the env sphere...i just wnat to know how this is done.


thanks for viewing.


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    You do it the same way you attach any image to a surface.
    In this case the node is specifically labeled "Panoramic Image" instead of default.
    Just click on "image source" and browse to where you have stored your HDR imsge

  • sheedee3Dsheedee3D Posts: 169
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    I downloaded a free HDR image from the web and i added it as panoramic image to the sphere...but why is it all blurry?...the image from these promo renders is clear and sharp...


    what am i missing here?...

    a special setting?...

    thanks for viewing

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    Since I can't see what you downloaded, I have no idea why it's blurry.
    It may be a low quality image or your camera focal length is too long.

    There are many threads at rendo by BagginsBill covering his EnvSphere, you might check some of those
    He is also active at RDNA, but I rarely go there so I don't know if it is discussed there to any depth

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    HDRs often come in several resolutions - a low res version for lighting, with a higher resolution image for use as a world sphere around the scene or a reflection map. I think the conversion tools supplied for DS' uberEnvironment automatically make a low res version for lighting.

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