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BerBuzBerBuz Posts: 64
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I have a question on UV mapping in Hex (latest version).

As you can see in the below image, the same “shape” will give either an ugly projected UV or a very regular mesh.
The ugly one is a bent cylinder primitive.
The regular mesh is a circle base extruded over a curved line.
I think that it might result from a different vertices organization in the internal shape
Does anybody have the right answer?

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  • ausairausair Posts: 0
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    I would use unwrap.

    Select the seem show blue, click unwrap and you end up with the grid shown below right in your post.

    Then hit the - sign next to unwrap (shown yellow)

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  • BerBuzBerBuz Posts: 64
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    Ausair, I agree with you.
    Even the very regular mesh shown in B has to be unwrapped because one invisible face joins right side to left of the mesh.
    Unwrapping irregular, dissymmetric or tortured shapes gives odd meshes difficult to exploit. The purpose of my question was to understand how the origin of the shape could influence the UV map.

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