Hexagon not remembering shading domains?

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I have an object which I have set up several shading domains.

At 4 am I saved the file as I'd finished setting up the new shading domains.

When I went to it tonight there were no shading domains even when I selected the object.

Do they not get saved then?



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    How did you save your work. As a Hexagon file, or something else?


    I just tried this, and it worked for me when I saved it as a Hexagon file. I created five shading domains, and they are all still there when I reload the file.

    You have to select the faces you wnat in your SD, then click on 'New' in the SD tab, then rename the SD to whatever you want to call it. You then select some more faces, press New again, and do the same thing.

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    Long time ago I experienced the same sort of thing. So what I have done since, probably unnecessarily; is that once I've selected the shading domain and added the material colour I click against the relevant SD and click "set". Never had a failure since, but as I said already it is probably unnecessary. But it works for me.

    As an alternative, which ever colour material is listed to the SD in the top panel, one can also click it and it gives you the option to set the material. This also appears to work.

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    I saved as hexagon file - but have since reapplied domains and managed to save and load again since - so maybe it was just a blip - lets hope.

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