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    I need a toon horse to go with my toon Don Quixote.  Here is one way to get the basic dimensions of a horse (or whatever) from reference images.  

    - I searched the web until I found a side view (almost) pic of several horses.  I chose one, any one.  Not modeling this specific horse, just want soemthing that gives basic dimensions as a reference.

    - In new scene, entered vertex modeler, in global tab checked the box for front view and loaded my reference pic.  (probably should have done side view as will be seen later, but no big deal)

    - using the polyline tool, I traced the outline of major body parts separately.  In other words, I created a closed polylinefor the torso/neck, the head, the legs, the tail, and the ears. The polyline resul is hard to see in wireframe view but is easiest to trace.

    - after filling each closed polyline and returning to shaded view, can see a generic horse shape.

    - ** aside - see that the parts can be modeled separately - but keeping reference together for now

    - Going back to assemble room, have a flat horse shape.

    - returned to modeler room and selected the end of the tail and rotated to make it easier to do the bone skeleton later.  Also selectd all and set X and Y translation to 0 (probably not necessary).

    - saved to my browser as a generic proportion reference for modeling a toon horse.

    cc01 model horse load reference in global tab front and use front camera wireframe view and polyline tool outline major parts.JPG
    1596 x 857 - 264K
    cc02 fill polygon and use shaded view.JPG
    1590 x 849 - 248K
    cc03 assemble room see that horse is flat too far back and axis.JPG
    1571 x 835 - 155K
    cc07 select all and set x and y to 0 translate.JPG
    1588 x 832 - 175K
    cc09 save reference for later use.JPG
    1586 x 801 - 191K
    cc10 parts for toon horse.JPG
    1595 x 770 - 164K
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    That is So Cool! He already has a wonderful face. Can't wait to see the progress. Don's lucky to have you!

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    That is So Cool! He already has a wonderful face. Can't wait to see the progress. Don's lucky to have you!


    Thanks for the encouragement, Dart.  Sneaking some modeling time in between holiday chores.  Holidays are great, but are time consuming.


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    Here are a couple more tips.  The body/torso is relatively staightforward.  Can start with a low poly sphere and extrude, or box model, or....

    Here is an easy way to do low poly toon legs from the reference.  Going to model one forleg and one back leg.

    - modeling a new object in the assemble room, insert an oval and reduce resolution to 12 (or whatever).  Use the model menu to empty the polygon.  

    - translate the oval to the bottom of the front hoof.

    - duplicate, translate up, and scale to fit the top of the hoof.

    - repeat up the front leg for places where the shape changes.

    - select all the ovals, and use the CONSTRUCT :  LOFT menu choices.

    - repeat for the back leg.

    - copy and paste the leg meshes to the same mesh as the torso.


    zz01 ovals around reference duplicate and vertical.jpg
    1877 x 813 - 230K
    zz02 loft ovals.jpg
    1881 x 822 - 228K
    zz03 loft result.jpg
    1875 x 818 - 239K
    zz04 copy and paste to same mesh prepare for symmetry duplicate.jpg
    1911 x 995 - 209K
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    - delete one half of the torso.

    - select the legs and translate them to one side

    - extrude shoulders from the torso

    - delete bottom holes from the new shoulders to prepare for welding with the ;egs

    - translate and weld tops of legs to torso.

    - use duplicate with symmetry to get the other legs and half torso

    - weld the halves

    Still need head and tail.  Maybe tomorrow.

    zz05 extrude shoulders haunches and connect legs to one side.jpg
    1901 x 958 - 215K
    zz06 duplicate with symmetry then weld with custom tolerance.jpg
    1899 x 1011 - 262K
  • do you find your normals flip doing that?

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    do you find your normals flip doing that?

    Good question.  I don't think I've had that problem, but maybe I just haven't paid close attention.  The times that I notice normals is when using the NPR render engine.

    EDIT - quick check and normals seem OK so far.  Will keep an eye out for it as I go along.


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    Got some final modeling time in after all.  This low poly mesh has the basic dimensions of a horse, and is uvmapped.  Very rough, but with a smoothing and conversion would have enough polys to morph to a more realistic animal.  Don Quixote has a suitable nag.

    horse complete.jpg
    851 x 726 - 84K
    horse uvmap.jpg
    1664 x 978 - 310K
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  • very nice horsie heart

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    Agreed. Very cool!

    I love your lofting explanation. I wouldn't have done that on instinct, so as you started explaining, I smacked my forehead... Of Course!!! What a great idea!

    Yeah... really cool horsie you've (I mean Don has) got there!

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    Looks like nice UV unwrapping too! yes

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    Thanks, Wendy.  The horse is still a WIP, but coming along nicely, I think.

    Thank you, Dart, for the shout out in the Challenge Thread.

    Update - I edited the skull a bit to add the eyes, adjust the ears, and some other minor issues.  Had to UVMap over again.

    I also added the mane and the tuft for the head.  I started with carrara dynamic hair growing on the model (which is why I wanted the UVMap correct).  I then used Philemo's hair to mesh plugin.  That way the mane should do well in the toon filter.  I copied and pasted the mane and tuft meshes to the same mesh as the horse.  While there, I edited a few of the strands, duplicated some, and generally tidied them up.  Required adjusting scaling, etc.    Of course, gave them their own shading domains.

    tt01 hair room for mane.jpg
    1672 x 952 - 226K
    tt02 philemo plugin convert mane to polygons.jpg
    1433 x 746 - 197K
    tt03 copy and paste and scale converted hair as mane.jpg
    1532 x 952 - 226K
    tt04 can edit some duplicate etc if desire.jpg
    1791 x 953 - 239K
    uu horse photoreal.jpg
    640 x 480 - 16K
    uu horse toon render.jpg
    640 x 480 - 17K
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    What a nice job! I read your explanation about modeling several times before I understood... that's great guy!

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    Dudu - thank you!

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    Rigged horse

    no weightmap adjustments or correction morphs, but OK for simple posing

    rigged horse.jpg
    800 x 600 - 33K
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    So Cool! I'm loving this!

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    Thanks, Dart!

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    Some elements


    windmill scene.jpg
    1200 x 960 - 179K
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    That's really cool stuff, Diomede. It's awesome... just take an idea, a vision, and start modeling it, folloing through to the end. It just looks fun!

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    That's really cool stuff, Diomede. It's awesome... just take an idea, a vision, and start modeling it, folloing through to the end. It just looks fun!

    Thank you, Dart

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    Adding Folders to Carrara Browser Tray


    I recently bought a new computer and am organizing my stuff.  Here is how I am going to set up my custom file folders for the Carrara browser.  In order to add a new folder to the browser, first create the folder on your computer drive (or external drive?).  Use the icon (black circle with white folded-corner rectangle)  in the upper right corner of the browser tray to add a folder to the current tab.  When adding this new folder to the browser, Carrara asks what category the folder will hold.  The options depend upon which tab the folder is being added to.  For example, the Shader tab asks if the folder will hold shaders, grayscale shaders, displacement shaders, or color shaders.  In contrast, the scene tab has only one option.


    So, on a hard drive, I created a folder called Carrara Presets Ted.  Within that, I created folders for each of the browser tabs: Clips Ted, Misc Ted, Objects Ted, Scenes Ted, Shaders Ted.  Then if the tab had additional categories, I created a subfolder for each, as per shader example above.  The objects folder has subfolders for objects, clouds, leaves, particles, plants, and terrains.  Each subfolder is added seprately.  For greater customization, additional subfolders can be made within these subfolders, but don't need to be added with the icon.

    Categories available for objects tab

    Categories available for shaders tab

    a folder for each category added to my shader tab (shader ted, color ted, displacement ted, grayscale ted at bottom of list)

    aa01 adding a scene folder to browser tray.jpg
    1762 x 636 - 181K
    aa02 see that scenes ted is now added to list.jpg
    638 x 442 - 66K
    aa07 shaders Ted.jpg
    724 x 512 - 64K
    aa08 folders for each type of shader.jpg
    704 x 491 - 54K
    aa09 file type each shader category.jpg
    516 x 484 - 40K
    aa04 add file type objects objects.jpg
    1760 x 633 - 102K
    aa05 see objs ted.jpg
    1764 x 544 - 78K
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    Concept Background Planning for a Set


    Have decided to model my own set.  Am using the next few posts to think about the features I want and the planning I am doing.  

    - I plan to do a cafe.  I went online and easily found hundreds of restaurant floorplans.

    - It was also easy to find a variety of standards for the dimensions of chairs, tables, pathways between tables, etc.  Our local schoolboard posted the standards for our school cafeterias online.

    - I want it to be easy to turn off the visibility of each wall and the ceiling.  

    - I want at least one wall to be dominated by windows and to have the entrance.

    - There should be a reception and waiting area near the entrance.

    - There should be a counter area / cashier.

    - There should be an area reserved for the kitchen, bathrooms, and office, whether I fill them or not.

    - Walls that are not dominated by windows should have themed decor.

    - Ceiling should have lights.

    - Layout of tables and chairs should be plausible.

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    Here is a small sample of reference materials that were easily found online.  I particularly liked references that included the dimensions of furniture and pathways.

    736 x 696 - 71K
    dimensions chairs sit.png
    561 x 340 - 126K
    dimension s tables.png
    557 x 332 - 133K
    dimensions example.png
    627 x 435 - 343K
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    3D Versions of Floorplan Icons


    So the first thing I did was create simple 3d versions of table/chair icons that are used in sample floorplans.  These are just placeholders, but they have plausible dimensions within the range of the schoolboard publication and architectural design reference materials.  

    - Round table for 2 people

    - Round table for 4 people

    - Round table for 6-8 people

    - Rectangle table for 2 people

    - Rectangle table for 4 people  (2 versions, one is square, other not)

    - Rectangle table for 8 people


    table arrange icons.png
    1806 x 1022 - 771K
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    Have noticed that many cafe arrangements have floor-to-ceiling windows along one wall.  Wondering if I should also create a simple bilboard outside the windows, or some alternative.

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    Carrara's NPR Quickie Sort of

    Vicky (and Mike) 6 in Ruins and there is an axe somewhere

    My laptop has barebones Carrara and Studio.  I have the props and figures that get installed with Studio.  I also installed V6, Girl 6, and M6, along with a bikini for V6 and a lumberjack outfit for M6.  I also installed Ringos skin shaders for V6 and M6.

    So, here is a quickie scene with the DM ruins that come with Studio and V6 and M6.  Grew some hair on V6.  Rendered a simple photorealistic scene.

    As per a Cripeman NPR tutorial, I took the first render and placed it in the backdrop of the scene tab of a new scene.

    I then did an NPR render of the first scene.  It looked pretty bad.  I then blended the NPR render and the photoreal render.

    This was the result.  Oh well.  Not everything works out the way I want.  Setup and NPR settings also attached.

    ww01 scene setup.png
    1473 x 1011 - 1M
    ww02 npr same image.png
    1778 x 1007 - 1M
    v6 temple axe.jpg
    1295 x 1600 - 243K
    v6 temple axe 5.jpg
    1295 x 1600 - 268K
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    Mike with an axe is a good sustitute for Vicky with a sword !

  • Good test Dio; I must have a go at Carrara's native NPR - an initial look gave the impression that it was clunky.

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    Yes, clunky is a good word to describe the native NPR modeler.  It has potential, but the documentation isn't very good.  In one of the very early challenges, Antara was able to do some very good stuff, but I just never got a good feel for controls.  For example, what do the brush settings actually do?


    Medieval Sewing Webpage

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    Freebie toilet paper.  It is in DUF format, so I think you will need Carrara 8.5.  Let me know if there is a problem.


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