IES Profile Thumbnail Maker



  • EsemwyEsemwy Posts: 565

    I’ll figure out the link problem later. In the mean time....

  • Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had never herd of IES before I read this thread, and when the file link was dead I tried to use the IES on iray emmiting surfaces to no avail (the lights all pointed the wrong way). When you put the link up to your script this mornig... WOW! Point light. I feel stupid after trying to negitivly scale objects to get the lights aligned.

    Anyway, Thanks!

    Your script finished without a hitch on the recomended ies profile collection in less than three minuets. Even on my jive-turkey cpu-rendering brick-on-desk computer.

  • SzarkSzark Posts: 10,633

    I like this script based product

  • Thanks this will come in handy.

    hi :D I was just noticing your set up on your computer and why ZBrush 4?? seems a bit outdated?? just wondering not judging. Thanks :D

    Have not updated. Just not that into 3D artwork that right now. Playing Warframe. Hahaha

  • Thanks Esemwy, this script is a great idea!

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