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    the bg match the look on her face - other wise it a bit dark for me

    would like to see what you do with Maya - Zb - blender or any thing else

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    AJaxxxe said:
    Welcome to my very first thread.

    I started dabbling in CG a few years back with a program call Anim8or, I think I made an I then dove into Blender and spent hours and hours watching videos and banging my head on the wall in frustration. Blender quickly led me to Makehuman and shortly thereafter DAZ. It was in DAZ where I first found a measure of satisfaction in being able to produce a render of something more than a sphere in lambert grey.

    The problem for me then (and still today) was the need to feel like I'm actually creating something from the ground up. The time I spent watching Jonathan Williamson build models while trying to learn Blender did teach me a lot of good fundamentals and inspired me to keep trying. Try as I did, I always felt like I was swimming upstream and getting nowhere. The whole thing was exhausting and I quit.

    When I learned that DAZ had released a new version I checked it out and it kind of took hold of me this time. I then learned that Maya was free to students and found that there are tons of tutorials available. So early this year I took to CG again and played with DAZ and studied Maya. My summer requirements left me with little time to pursue this passion but now I have time to pick up where I left off.

    I plan to start learning Z-brush and to continue learning Maya while using DAZ. I've learned enough to know that DAZ is an amazing asset and greatly enhances the world of CG.

    So, that's basically where I am in my development. I have a lot more questions than answers but hopefully in this thread we can learn from each other while having fun, posting renders, and sharing knowledge.


    Here is my first post, please feel free to give me feedback and post some of your own.

    That looks great - I kinda like the dark look.

    Did you model that character yourself? (forgive my ignorance - I've had no experience w/characters)

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