trailer for animated series Drift

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I've wanted to make this series for a few years. I was going to do live action, but now that I've discovered daz, I'll make it here. It will be a sci-fi action comedy.

This is my first real effort in Daz, so don't judge too harshly. I'm learning more every day. This was done in the lowest render settings, btw...

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    your link is mucked up

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    I apologize, it's been fixed.

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    looks really good :coolsmile:

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    Hi Williamsonkevin,

    It's great that you're taking on this project as a Daz animation. I would love to see more animations done using Daz and Daz figures.

    First, the great: You've been able to create some great-looking characters and imagery, and the trailer intrigues me enough to want to see more. I really liked the opening shot of the ship flying across the cityscape.

    I do see that you have an opportunity to really add impact to your camera work. I get that you are trying to accomplish a shaky-cam effect like the latest Battlestar Galactica series made popular, but the implementation is a bit much. The camera movement is too strong and does not add anything to the effect. My suggestion would be to stabilize the camera and focus on getting a great shot from a still camera and, only where absolutely necessary, add in some shaking.

    Ideal places to add in shaking are where you have a fast-moving ship moving across the screen and you're trying to get the camera to track the ship. Another ideal place would be if you have your cameraman involved in a chase.

    By keeping the camera still and then adding in shaking only where necessary, you allow the shaking to have more impact.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more--keep us posted!

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    Thank you for the feedback! I'm still new to 3d animation, so I'm still getting a lot of this stuff down. After rendering, I realized I underestimated how drastically the camera was moving. I want to add a little life to the scene, not give the viewer nausea. It is definitely encouraging to specifically hear feedback from a vendor I plan on using for the project!

    I'll be using this as a production journal as I continue, and I'll post renders as I go. For the past week or so I've been working on the script. I have the advanced outline done, and I'm now 15 pages into the 42 or so page script. I'm hoping to record the dialogue while I have some time off over the next 2 weeks with some local actors/comedians I perform with in Austin. More updates to come soon!

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    Very nice trailer Will !

    I tried to do something 2 years ago, I had to stop because my computer had not a decent configuration !

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