How can I edit with smooth curves in Hexagon?

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I am following the peter pan tutorial (sort of) for my model of a shirt.
There is a problem of many but this one concerns smooth curves whilst editing.
I attach a photograph of the video - see the smooth flowing curves as the editor manipulates the model.

Then look at the picture below - that's mine - note the straight edges.
I know I have more lines - I had to smooth it to generate more points in order to be able to shape the material.

Please can someone tell me if there is a way to get these curves smooth with less points as in the first picture - i'd be ever so grateful

Thank you.


2000 x 1500 - 2M
2000 x 1500 - 1M


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    You need to apply 2 levels of smoothing to your mesh. Smoothing is in the top right corner of hexagon next to the symmetry options.

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    not sure but couldnt you use the smoothing control cage

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    Is there a way of making 2 edges into one edge - Ie square into triangle...?

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    tdrd said:
    Is there a way of making 2 edges into one edge - Ie square into triangle...?

    Yes, you can weld one vertex to another. Keyboard "w" is the hotkey.
    The 1st image would have 2 levels of smoothing applied but NOT collapsed.
    Great for getting a good idea as to the finished whereabouts of the mesh however I'd recommend removing the 2nd level of smoothing [so it looks more like your 2nd picture] before welding any vertice or edges as that done with 2nd level smoothing not collapsed tends to crash Hexagon.

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    If I recall correctly - the top picture is done at level 1 smoothing, with DG active - select the control curve in the DG list. It lets you work in a plasticine type mode. You don't want to go doing any welding, cutting in edges and stuff like that in that mode - just use it to shape and control poke-through. If you need to weld and/or cut in edges, take it back to level 0 smoothing and collapse DG.

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    Okay, it looked like mine does with level 2 ...

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    One thing you need to be very careful of when doing subdivision modelling - meaning modelling at a smoothed level with DG active - is not to have the smoothing level too high, because when done, you will need to do additional smoothing, or the mesh will end up a lot more jagged than it looks while DG is on and you end up with an unnecessarily high poly count.

    Ideally, you should do the modelling at level 1 smoothing and finish with, at most, level 3, preferably level 2.

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