Looking for V4 tops that are good for heavy set figure

Paula SandersPaula Sanders Posts: 322
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I am looking for t-shirt type tops that are good for a large figure and will also conform well to a sitting position. I am using the Dazed bunny sweater and it works well, but I need more variety. I am using V4.2 for most of these figures. If you can provide a name I can search for it or a link. Thanks in advance.


  • Canary3dCanary3d Posts: 1,794
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    The Aussie Girl top might work well - it's a loose top and pretty. The set is listed as a Genesis set but it includes a full V4 version.

    I've got some free second skins at my site for tank tops, leggings, and tee shirts, feel free to come grab them if you find them useful - http://www.canary3d.com/free

  • Paula SandersPaula Sanders Posts: 322
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    Hi Canary3d. Thanks for your reply. I am downloading your Second Skins as I write this. They look very useful. The Aussie top is a little pricy now after all the sales. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

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    Hi! My old V4 stuff at Rendo (link in sig) all supports Heavy, PearFigure, Voluptuous, etc..

  • Paula SandersPaula Sanders Posts: 322
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    Thanks, SickleYield. I went on rendo and bought a number of your items. They look like what I have been looking for. It's late now so I'll install them tomorrow - looking at the time later today.

    Paula (AKA Batesyboy who is actually my dog Bates.)

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