Sopwith Camel Development

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Hello everyone.

I have been building myself a Sopwith Camel WW1 fighter/bomber and just wondered if anyone wished to comment on the model progress so far. It is being totaly constructed with Hexagon then will be textured and renderd within Carrara7pro.

All comments are warmly welocomed.

Image removed for being over sized. Please refer to this thread for details.

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    Please insert your image into the following template so we comment on it. :)

    87 x 101 - 5K
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    Sorry about that... Turns out that the origianl image was too large.

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    The camel is looking really nice. I'm not a 'plane buff so can't comment technically - but how about some rivits and seam details which give that lovely retro charm? I'm sure you're getting there. Look forward to seeing more.

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    looks very, very nice so far.....

    post some mesh views for us as well...

    I'd also be curious how you did your wings to give the appearanc of fabric covering... i did a model of an early curtiss racer, and to get that effect, i atually "covered" the wing ribs and such, shrinking the "fabric" down when i smoothed... so i'm curious how you achieved that effect.. yours looks good...

    here's what i got:

    800 x 642 - 193K
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    Both are awesome. Don't forget oil spray textures for the pilot faces ! :coolcheese:

    Fantastic engine detail on the Curtis. The fabric wings look great on both.

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