Somethings to Consider when starting to learn CG



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    I  got an email saying someone had replied but it looks like the mods snaffled it. Could someone PM letting me know why please.

    Probably one of last night's spammers.

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    Darn Spam...Thanks Richard and chohile

  • Thankyou very much for this helpful info.
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    My pleasure, it is getting a bit dated but I hope it helps still.

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    Szark said:

    My pleasure, it is getting a bit dated but I hope it helps still.

    I am glad with all the info i can get. Even if it is a bit dated. To understand the future you have to know the past.
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    I have had every intention of updating this and my tutorials but I do need to be in the right frame of mind to do so. Maybe over the xmas period I might get that frame of mind.

  • In 1990 to about 1995 I was attempting to use dkbtrace on my Amiga computer... your first post reminds me of things to watch out for. I'm sure that I will eventually learn to use DAZ 3D, and the lights. I did twiddle a bit in Bryce 7.0 back when i was here last.

    My problem back then was too dark or too bright lights. I had to get a new computer last year, but its slower and has less ram than the machine I used when I was last here. I'm retired now and I hope to have more free time to work on things like this. Perseverance is the big thing.

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    Very nice words of inspiration. I have learnt this lesson through music too.

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    I'm glad this thread was spammed so I could find it, very useful info here.

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    glad this old thread still helps

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    This is so great, thank you so much. so much to learn but i love it. thankyou

  • I have installed the latest version (v4.10) but all the videos and user guides obviously refer to previous versions.

    The screen shots and descriptions bear no resemblance to what I see, and the videos are such poor image quality as to be almost useless.

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