Looping dynamic clothing simulation

Hello everyone, first post here.

Is it possible to create a looping dynamic cloth simulation? I need it for a game character's idle pose.


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    It really depends on your game application. If it allows for morphing objects, then you're fine. Calculate the dynamics for the cloth in Poser at certain stages of the idle animation. In your game app, morph the cloth object at those keyframes. Depending on the animation, you can save some dynamics calc-time by just using partial morphs for the cloth. 

    What game engine are you using? The "Big Three" (Unity, Unreal, Cryengine) all have their own dynamic cloth simulations.

    It's possible to get away with faked dynamics using a nicely rigged bit of cloth if you engine doesn't support dynamic cloth or mophing objects.


    Edit-Add: I don't do much animation in Poser. It may be possible to directly export dynamics in some other way. Here is a tutorial about using Poser for Unity content creation and the FBX export feature -

    You might find some tips, there.

    Add Note: Any idle animation you do would be looped from within the game engine, itself. It's... not possible to export an infinite animation. :) (Though, you could copy/paste multiple keyframes to form a long animation sequence of repeated animations.)

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  • I am rendering frames for a 2D animation, this is why I'm aiming to create the entire loop within poser. But what you said could prove very useful, thank you.

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