How too change color of eye in DAZ 3D

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back again for a last little question.

How do i change the color or the kind of eye of my model?
I select the eye surface. Go to surface menu
and then don't know what to do....

Thank you for your help!



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    To change colour convincingly you really need new eye textures - most characters come with several and in general you can mix and match between character sets (obviously a painterly or toon style set won't look good with eyes from a photo-real set, or vice versa, but as long as the over all style is similar they should work). However, you could try adjusting the diffuse colour of the iris material to tint the eye -especially if there was a fairly neutral grey eye colour to start from

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    Ok i try and say if it's OK

    I really like this forum people are helpfull and answer quickly!


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