CCmFile::kIdentify4 and .obp file formats

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Does anybody know if the .obp file format is unique to Bryce, and/or does CCmFile::kIdentify4 have any meaning to anybody?

While trying to track down the source of a corrupted file problem in an unrelated application, I stumbled across the fact that the garbage characters in a file have some text that looks very similar to the contents of a Bryce .obp file.  However I have no idea if this means Bryce is in some way related to my issue or if this is totally unrelated and perhaps the text seen in an obp file (when temporarily renaming to .txt and viewing in wordpad) is just something that might be in any number of files from any application.

I still have no clue how the contents of a .obp file would have ended up in another application's file, but at least it would be something I could monitor in the future.

Here is the file that had the unexpected data in it:


And here's a bryce .obp file:

Oh, and here's the randomly googled search result that led me to making this connection when I tried googling for "CCmFile::kIdentify4":

screenshot, corrupted file.png
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screenshot, bryce obp file.png
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    These are the Axiom files responsible that Bryce could not be made 64 bit without an enormous effort in time and money. You may remember that 7.0 was planned to be 64 bit. In the earlier Bryce version, 4.0 and 5.0, you find this header:

    "CCmF - Universal - Axiom - AGP - Composite File Management System (Universal) - Created by Andrea Pessino, December 1995 (vers. 5) - Copyright(c) 1995-96 by MetaTools, Inc. - Proudly made in the USA, land of the free, home of the brave."

    Bryce 5.5 and later (i.e. since Daz 3D owns Bryce), the file header is as shown in you screenshot: 94 ascii blanks, 'CCmFile::kIdentify4' and another  130 ascii blanks and another 269 zeroes, then follows the 'Resource Composite File'. The rest is data and how it is encoded and arranged is kept secret by the owner. All presets follow this pattern except Leaves.

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    So it is definitely Bryce stuff, thanks for the info. 

    Hmmm.  I wonder how the heck that data is migrating into a different application, very strange.  File pointer problems? memory overwrite?   Mysteries.  I'll keep an eye on it and see if it's still Bryce-related data next time it happens, or if the contents of some non-Bryce file end up in there.

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