Hexagon 3D Modeling Software: FREE from Daz 3D

LG07 Combat Mech

Modeled in Hexagon by DzFire

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Hexagon is easy enough for beginners yet powerful enough for professionals. Use it along with Daz Studio for a free 3D suite that enables you to build, animate & render!

“Hexagon is probably the most user friendly modeling software out there, and this is coming from a Lightwave® and 3D Studio Max® user.”

- Chris Locke Premier 3d Artist

“Hexagon is perfect for the newcomers to modeling, its interface is simple yet beneath the bonnet it is a very powerful piece of software. With the arrival of dForce it's a perfect time to dive into the creative world of 3D modeling.”

- John Reilly Premier 3d Artist

“I love Hexagon. It is so easy to wrap your head around and the learning curve is low enough that you can feel accomplished quickly. Because it is so fast and easy to work with it remains a program that I turn to first when I start projects.”

- Khory Premier 3d Artist

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