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Just wondering if theres any way to change the names of the bones in daz studio. Basically i use blender alot and want to port my models over. It all works fine its just really tedious using my own armature and have to go through and change all the bone names. If i can change the base armature in daz studio then it'll save me alot of time for each model i port over. Thanks in advance


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    I change the names of bones all the time on models I import from Blender. I actually make my own bones from scratch in Daz Studio (is there a way to do it in Blender and bring it into Daz?!??). Here is a screen shot that shows how I rename the bones, but basically, when you are in the "Joint Editor Tool" (I'm showing with the red box), you right-click on the bone, Select "Edit", then Select "Rename Node". You'll get a dialog box pop-up that will allow you to name a) the node and b) the display name of the bone - called "Node Label" here.

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    Thanks that helps with the renaming. Is there anyway to save it, for example when i load Gen2 it'll have the renamed bones so i dont have to rename it each time i load Gen2?

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    The only problem with doing that to base figures...things that rely on the original bone names won't work anylonger.  But, you can save it as a figure/prop asset (it's one of the save options).  I would rename it, though...

  • Ohk! That works! Like you said assests like clothing will need the bone names changed, but thats still alot less work for me. Thanks for the assisstance. :)

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