Free collection of 328 Carrara Shaders made from Nobiax's Freebie Textures! [LINK FIXED! (I hope)]

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Done with full permission from Nobiax. :) This is about a 2GB download, so it may take a while. Extract into your Documents/Daz3d/Carrara/My Presets/My Shaders directory (or wherever you like, and just point Carrara to them :P)


Assembled in Carrara 8.5 Pro by kaz42 (Daz)/The-Golemancer (DevArt)

328 Carrara shaders made from the "Free Textures Packs 1-55" by Nobiax (ShareCG and DevArt), as well as his free Impact texture set and commissioned Medieval texture set. Please visit Nobiax's pages for some nice free models, as well as links to his Unity and UE4 commercial work.

All shaders include Diffuse and Normal channels. Most include Specular, and a few also include Displacement and Glow.

All shaders are provided as-is. They were made using the default settings other than the texture channels, so some may need additional tweaking (reducing shininess, for instance) to look their best.

These shaders are free for any and all use, including commercial.

I'd love to see what you do with them at :)

Original textures by Nobiax - redistributed with express permission. Original permissions from Nobiax below.

**Provided by Nobiax.

**Absolutely free to use or to modify in any kind of work (personal, commercial or else).

**Give me a link of the result at ;)

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    I get item no longer available

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    I just tried and couldn't get the shaders either. I hope it's all straightened out in the morning.

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    Sorry about that. I'm new with sharing on OneDrive. I think I made a one-shot link and used it up when I tested it. :P I tried this one several times and it looks like it works now. If it's still broken, I'll fix it in the morning... lol

  • WendyLuvsCatzWendyLuvsCatz Posts: 30,818
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    Oh boy that was a big download
    thx, will check out later

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    Thank you so much. It downloaded with no problems.

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    Thanks, shaders seems to work in LuxusCore too.

    1280 x 960 - 1M
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    Didn't have time to make this big download sooner.

    It's a pretty nice job you did,sure it took you quite a bit of time.

    Thanks for that, and, of course, thanks again to nobiax for his amazing work.

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    I'm having a great time with these shaders.  I started off using it to spice up old props like turning this: into this:

    I especially like the floor pattern there.

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  • Then today I tried putting the textures onto a person, and behold:  instant super hero suits:




    But watch out for the "maximum displacement" setting.  If you let it go as it is, you get the figure on the right in the last pic.  Which is the same texture and figure as the 3rd pic.

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    I am just down loading them now and it is working for those wondering.

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    _Does these work in Carrara 7 Pro     _Or this is a fool remark   ??

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