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I'm trying to make a simple heart shape. I created a circle from center and deleted half of the segments, copied it and repositioned them to form the top. I used the square (lines tab) to make the rest of the shape and grouped them all together. Im not able to weld or close the 3 shapes into one. Is there a way to do that so I can have one solid plane in the heart shape so I can add some thickness?


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    The way to join separate curves is to make sure their end points are occupying the same space - either through snap-align or copy/paste the co-ordinates of one to the other, then weld. Ungroup first.

    Here's a simple method for making a heart shape

    1. Draw circle and flatten it a bit.

    2. Copy and rotate so that the overlaps form the outer shape of the heart.

    3. Do a Boolean union and dissolve any unwanted points - this is one use of the Boolean operation that works outstandingly well.

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    Sometimes I can get the weld to work sometimes I can't. So the 2 or 3 lines/curves all have to be selected (the points do match), but not grouped, then I select one point and press Weld or Weld Points?

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    First off - this will only work on the end points of each line. They must not be grouped and the DG must be collapsed. Select snap/align under utilities, select the end point of one line, hold down shift and select the end point of another line. They jump together. Hit weld, not weld points. That should make the two lines into one. If it doesn't work, check the X,Y,Z coordinates of the two points. If they don't match exactly, do the operation again, or copy/paste the position of one onto the other, one position at a time.

    Then do the next line.

    Hope this works for you

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    I think I figured it out, I need to select both lines from the Scene Tree before welding the points.

    Is there an easy way to convert the line shape into a plane. The only way I know is to use the plane primitive with the same number of points and align them to the line's points.

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    That's right - sorry I never mentioned - just took it for granted...

    Yes, there is a quick method - in object select mode, go to surfaces tab, select Coons surface and select the line - boom - done. Pretty ugly and not good if you are going to work any further on it. Item 1 in the pic.

    A better way is to select the line, hold Ctrl and drag a bit downwards on the little yellow square in the centre of the universal manipulator - item 2.

    Straighten the top and bottom lines by dragging on the green square on the Y-axis of the manipulator - be careful not to override the "corner" edges if your shape is like mine - item 3.

    Bridge the top and bottom edges - it helps if the original semi-circles have an equal number of points, but that's not absolutely necessary - just makes it neater and easier. You will need to cut in extra edges so as to make the "corner" polys into quads. - item 4.

    Suggestion - it helps to attach screen shots when you ask for assistance - a picture is worth a thousand words:-)

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    Thanks for all your help!
    I'm learning something new everyday.

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    Me too - and I've been doing it for a good few years!

    If the shape I'm showing is what you are after, a far better method is to make two semi-circles with the same number of points and simply go to the surfaces tab, select ruled surfaces and click on each line in succession, making sure to click on matching points - one step and its done.

    You really should explore the uses of the surfaces tools - very powerful.

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