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There is any way to invert left and right Alt keys?
The right one doesn't work with left mouse button to move image around (or at least it wont work for me). Thats not an Hexagon particularity, I've seen this in many software.

I'm left handed and its a nuisance to go to the other side of the keyboard for the left Alt key.

Funny enough, the right Alt works with the right mouse button to rotate the scene!

Also, there is a way to undock manipulators mini window? I would like to put it in the same position as Daz Studio, would solve the issue and do wonders to avoid brain failures! ((:


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    Hello 2Fatbear,

    you can remap keys in the windows registry. For example you could use the program Sharpkeys to remap - it's easy to use.

    What do you mean with undock manipulators mini window?. You can undock the properties, scene, dyn. geometry, material and shading domain windows and relocate them as ever you like to have them. Click and drag at their title bar.

    btw. recently I've configured my mouse for using it with my left hand, do you have a mirrored mouse cursor?
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