Future Anthro Model Suggestions

Gonna plant in a new thread for this, as I'm sure there is one around, but just to be focused on people suggesting potential anthro models they would like to see being made for use on DazStudios and other platforms. Mine are, for Genesis 8:

* T-Rex - newer version of the TyRex
* Orca
* Deer
* Elk
* Gazelle
* Additional Dragon Styles
* Zebra


  • FSMCDesignsFSMCDesigns Posts: 12,230

    I have no use for anthro models, but would love an actual elk, gazelle, or zebra for DS. Might also want to PM Oso3d or Rawart on the forums since they are the ones usually making anthro figures since there isn't that big of a demand for them.

  • csaacsaa Posts: 675
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    I don't know if canine centaurs count, but I'd like to repeat a request I made a while back. The attached concept art came from the indicated Instagram feed.



    646 x 658 - 31K
    637 x 665 - 35K
    653 x 655 - 29K
    636 x 636 - 28K
    637 x 664 - 40K
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