Softbody Physics

No doubt this has been requested a million times, but the stiffness of Daz character skin is a noteable problem in virtually every project I've undertaken.

It would be amazing to hear if this was at least in the pipeline at some point - the more realistic genesis gets, the weirder the stiffness looks.


  • FSMCDesignsFSMCDesigns Posts: 11,277

    yeah, I'd love to see this as well, especially after working with Genesis 2 figures in Unity. DAZ just needs to integrate a game engine into DS, with VR support and I would be thrilled!

  • M-CM-C Posts: 86

    This must be one of the most requested features ever.
    Everytime a product is released that tries to create a workaround for soft body physics everyone and their mother jumps on board just to be disappointed afterwards because of the limitations all these products have.
    Personally I´d pay a fortune to get real soft body physics inside of Daz Studio but at this point I have literally no confidence that it will ever happen.
    Well, there is DS 5 in the works and who knows if an upcoming Genesis 9 may be the answer to all our prayers. But since we don´t get any news about that as well, I wouldn´t expect much in the near future.

  • jamesramirez6734, what exactly are you asking for?  The title/heading of the thread is about 'softbody physics'--I'd define that as the simulation of internal soft tissue when a figure is posed or amimated.  Your post just mentions skin 'stiffness'--sounds like a surface problem.   To put it another way, are you concerned with elbow skin not strecthing or with a problem with internal soft tissues (muscles, breasts, etc.)?

    Soft-body dynamics are one of those constantly recurring wish-list features for Daz figures.  I've no philosophical objection, but as a practical matter, you'd be greatly increasing the complexity of the figure (which would now have a complex internal structure, some tissues rigid as bone, some as squishy as small intestine), and therefore the demands on system resources (RAM & CPU use).  Some percentage of users won't get much use out of soft-body dynamics.  Could it be an add-on rather than an integral part of a character (like the HD add-ons I never buy)?



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    You're overthinking it. Soft body physics are a counterpart to rigid body physics. In rigid body physics, an entire object is simulated with no deformation, like a bowling ball falling to the ground, for instance. In soft body physics, the object deforms with gravity and collisions. That's all the term means. Since DS doesn't have a proper physics system with rigid bodies, it also doesn't have soft body physics, although the effect can be approximated to varying degrees of success with dForce, which is a cloth and hair system. 

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