transfer object to DAZ Studio without huge number of "action for formx" prompts

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When trying to send some objects to DAZ Studio to simply use as props, i am faced with an insane number of "Action for Form" windows asking me if I want to create a morph. Is there any way to automate or bypass that, or even cancel without killing DAZ Studio in the task manager?

To see an example:
File > Open, browse to and double-click on C:\program files\DAZ 3D\Hexagon2\content\Models\Vehicles\car.hxn
In the Scene tree, click on Group44.
File > Send to DAZ Studio

I know I can weld everything together to send it all at once, but I'd like to keep parts separate so i can set materials individually for things like windows, tires, etc.


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    The purpose of the bridge is to create morphs. This car has a lot of parts, so Studio wants to know what to do with each - prop or morph - its not a mind-reader :-)

    The better way is to export from Hex as an .obj and import into Studio

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    It is also recommended to give the parts of your car names that make them easier to identify instead of relying on the automatic naming scheme of Hexagon.

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    Thanks! Doing an export from Hexagon and an import in Studio instead of using the bridge works did the trick.

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