Texture shaded viewport - transparent objects intersection visibility ?

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DS beta - Nvidia RTX 2070 - latest driver

Issue in in Texture Shaded viewport:

When two or more transparent objects (cutout opacity < 1) are on top of each other, I can't see whether they are intersecting. This is a hinderance when trying to solve poke through issues (e.g. with mesh grabber).

Is there a setting or a custom GL shader that I can use instead of the default one DS's uses for its Texture Shaded viewport? (filament is not an option because not available in the DS version I use).

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  • Yes, this has always been an issue with the Texture Shaded Drawstyle - as I understand it getting the Z-ordering right would have too great an impact on performance.

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    Thanks for the answer.

    What a pity, but it is as it is.

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    It's not just this. OpenGL has quite a few problems with transparency.

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    Most of the OpenGL transparency issues are also present in Fillament.

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