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Something I relied on heavily in Bryce 5, the orthogonal views to put a selected object in the center of my screen.  I cant seem to make it happen in Bryce 7 pro.  No matter what I do the selected object always ends up slightly off center to the right and towards the bottom of the screen.  No matter which view Im on.  Left view, right view, front view, back view.  Its the same on top and bottom view.  Always off center to the right and towards the bottom of the screen.  I even tried it with several objects selected, same results.

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  • NEVERMIND...I think I figured it out.  

    In Bryce 5 I liked to work with the document resolution set to 1450X1058, so when I first got my hands on Bryce 7 Pro one of the first things was to enter those settings because that is how all my saved Bryce 5 projects are.  I suspect that setup must be off kilter or something.  It threw off all camera views.  Even the perspective and directers cams were off by about -5 degrees in the Y axis.  But then I switched to 1114X747 now the cameras seem to line up correct and the orthogonal views snap a selected object to the center of the screen when I click the plus or minus zoom.

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