How to add bones to preexisting DAZ3D figures such as G8F/M

I have HFS Ultimate Shapes Bundle, and applied the Feet Hands morph. Now I want to make the feet actually MOVE like the hands as opposed to the essentially foot mittens they currently are (or you can go in and manually select the individual toe bones, but toes aren't fingers even so, having a lack of that third joint).

So, how does one put functioning extra joints into the toes? Carpals (tarsals?) in the foot area for that extra movement (like the hands in the Genesis 8 series). How does one align and bind them without having to export the character and redo with the Figure Editor?

I've created Face Groups for the toes and had a fiddle with some of the menus, but cannot find the face groups anywhere else but in Geometry Editor Tool Menu. Is there a tutorial on Organic rigging that is up to date, covers how to make tarsals and carpals, and how to 'cut' up an existing humanoid figure to add extra joints? Because, how does one even Carpal?



  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 74,898

    The Joint Editor can be used to add boens, or a sequence of bones, via right-click and then position their end-points; you can also assign your face groups as selection groups with the tool active (through the Tool settings pane). Then you would need to use the Node Weightmap Brush tool to paint on the influence for each bone, selecting the bone and then in the Tool Settings pane selecting and applying the General Weights map for Genesis 8 figures.

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