HD Gunshot Wounds for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males


I'm trying to use HD Gunshot Wounds for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males, but since I'm a big sucker I can't do it when I apply bullet impact to my G8M's body or head, the face or the skin in general disappear.I'm sure it's all stupid but I don't understand, it makes me like makeup, no more face, 2 eyeballs in the void, if someone can explain to me no, that would teach me something

thank you in advance

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    You need to aply/load the Geoemtry Shell (using the MGW Wound Geoshell Wearable preset), then apply the bullet effect to that so that it is layered on top of the skin.

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    Hi @philippepetroff,

    Thank you for purchasing our products. As Richard said, you need to first apply the Geoshell or Geoshell (depending on if you're also going to apply the blood). This product makes more sense if you apply it from the Content Library (Pane) rather than the Smart Content (Pane) since it has been organized in a way to help you apply things in the correct order (though I've tried naming things to follow that order. So you'll find the product in the following path within your content library

    DAZ Studio Formats > My DAZ 3D  Library (or Connect) > People > Genesis 8 Male > Materials > FenixPhoenix > Gunshot Wounds.

    There you will find several folders with the correct order of how to apply things. You can find the readme with instructions here: http://docs.daz3d.com/doku.php/public/read_me/index/80852/start You may need to refresh several times for it to show up.

    I've downloaded that as a PDF which I'm attaching here for easier access.

    Basically, you should NOT apply any of the materials/LIE presets to the character. Instead, you should apply the SubDivision & Geoshell wearables to the characters. Then you would apply the materials (skin color), LIE Presets to the appropriate Geoshells.

    Here's a simple rundown of the process:

    1. Apply a subdivision to your character (you can do this once you're ready to render), but remember that the higher the subdivision, the better the wound morph will look.
    2. Apply "MGW 01.1 Wound Geoshell Wearable" to your character.
    3. Select the Geoshell Wearable (which will be invincible) and apply "MGW 01.1 Wound Geoshell Dark (or Light or Midtone) Skin Iray Material" (choose the skin color that best describes your character). You can go back and apply another skin color afterward, so don't worry too much about this choice.
    4. Apply the "MGW 02" wound LIE Presets (as many as you'd like) to the Geoshell.
    5. That's it!
    6. If you want to apply the Blood, you'll do the same but process but you would need to load the "MGW 01.2 Blood Geoshell Wearable", select that and apply the appropriate presets to that one. The Blood presets also have utilities to apply if you want to make the blood glossier or lower displacement to avoid clothing pokethrough.

    Let me know if you have any more questions or if something wasn't clear! :)

    Update: attaching a better readme. This is for the male(s) product, but it should work the same for the females.

    HD Gunshot Wounds for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males [Documentation Center].pdf
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