Can't Open Saved Scene

I saved a massive scene with a ton of LoRez figures (100 or so) and a single G8F. I guess the G8F broke the camel's back, because now I can't even get the scene to open; it gets hung up on loading the G8F parameters. Am I screwed? Is there some way to get back into this file? I really don't want to repose 100 or so figures! Thanks in advance.


  • fred9803fred9803 Posts: 1,387

    I don't know but you could try to open it in another version of DS as a last resort. I'd probably try that then give up... sorry mr clam.

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 73,968

    If it's the morphs, and if it doesn't eventually load, you could try reducing the number of morphs. Either literally uninstall, or install the things you know you need to a different location and use Content Directory Manager (Edit>Preferences>Content tab) to temporarily switch to a new content directory set that includes only that location, load the scene, and remove the Genesis 8 Female (and i would save Scene Subsets with smaller groups of the Lo-res figures too).

  • mr clammr clam Posts: 704

    Thanks for the ideas. I'll give them a try. I'm also now wondering if just uninstalling that particular G8F would help...problem is, I can't remember who I used!

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