Editing the "Actor" categories

In the Parameters tab, there is a hierarchal menu where the morph dials live. The main one is labeled "Actor", and includes various sub-menus, sorted by categories. However, as various products have been installed, some vendors have not placed their dials into logical places, often creating their own vendor-named categories or leaving them in the default "Morph Loader" folder. I wish to edit these into categories that make sense for me.

I know how to move sliders one at a time by editing the dial properties, but that is tedious and time consuming. I would also like to define my own new sub-categories in the Actor subfolder. However, I can't find where to edit the category settings without editing an existing morph or creating a morph.

Is there a method to directly edit the Parameter Tab lists, and move morphs around to the new subfolders by batches? For example, I want to make a folder for all the dials that deal with cartoon character type morphs, and eliminate the redundant "Sci-Fi" categories by consolidating them.


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