New cut I sort of figured out with the jacket - not quite there yet!

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Today I have tried something out when looking at some options in Hexagon. Then I saw "insert points" and try to see what will happen. But every time I am at some point during these stages, Hexagon crashed and needs to be closed down. So, when I try something I quickly save what I am doing before it starts crashing. At least these saving helped as this is the result I got on the end! I still have to export it as .obj and try see what will happen over in DS as I have done with the original jacket which worked! But at least I am learning although not by far as should be!

This is a follow-up from the thread where Patience55 has taught me about cutting the mesh here:
The cutting is a bit skew but the crashing of Hexagon put me off at the moment from re-trying tonight, maybe tomorrow I will give it another shot! :)


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    And for anyone following, nowhere did I say anything about adding dots in the middle of lines!

    It's nice to experiment and see what happens ... dots all over the place will not work. A few might where they be turning a tri into a quad. But anything with 5+ sides normally is a no-go.

    Hexagon will crash a lot if one has faces with unwelded lines.

    If one has 2 faces together, and a line somehow only through one face, but not through the adjoining second, often [but not always] that will become an unwelded line ... and crashes will happen.

    Now that you have basically laid out where you want the straight line, you could weld all the loose dots to the nearest practical vertex.

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