Inclusions in eyes and somtimes forehead

I get ramdom lines in eyes and foreheads and have no idea where they are comeing from.

The ones for the forehead are associated with the chosen hair and sometimes I can scale the hair and they are reduced or go away. Sometimes I have to chose either G8 or G3 models (usually the opposite of the one I'm working with).

The eyes are very frustrating.





  • DaventakiDaventaki Posts: 1,242

    Solution is to move the character back to world 0,0,0 or usually you can change the Instance Optimization to either memory or speed and it will go away.

    The hair you have already found the solution it happens when the skull cap is intersecting into the forehead, either scaling up or down will usually make it go away.

  • jkpjkp Posts: 14

    Thank you, I'll give these suggestions a try.

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