Getting rid of highlights while setting up a scene

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I noticed no matter what tool I use everything in my scene I move over turns yellow. It is very distracting and hard to see what I am doing. I am using the latest DAZ Studio.


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    Usually what I do for large areas (such as walls or floors) is I find the area in the scene tab (easiest to find by selecting it in the viewport, then it gets highlighted in the scene tab) then clicking on the mouse pointer with the check mark next to it under the "s" column so the check turns into an x. Then I can mose over that item in the viewport and it won't highlight it because you can't select it from the viewport :)

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    With the Node Selection Tool enabled, go to Window -> Panes -> Tool Settings

    Change the Node Highlighting Draw style to "Bounding Box Only".

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    Thank You! So Much Nicer now.

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    Note that the "things turning yellow" will return whenever you use the Surfaces Tool, although in this case it's supposed to.

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