About the Beauty In Paradise Philippines themed product render settings

The presets coming with the environment in that one make the scene look like a painting with blurry brush strokes. It's an interesting effect, which I'd like to reuse only with a more detailed final look (eyes and hair don't really look like much with these presets). How do those presets work and how would I go about to tweak them to the effect I seek?


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    No idea about those render settings, but as an alternative it's always an options in cases like that to blend masked layers in your fav image editing software.

  • Of course, one can always postwork it. Still, this is the first time I see a DS preset doing this, which is why I am curious.

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    If you buy a Fettuccine Alfredo meal kit, you're not going to make Boeuf Bourgignon with it.  Like a lot of Dreamlight's sets, this one does one thing well, but it doesn't do everything.  It's a nearly idiot-proof way to get a nice-looking render, like in the promos.  The only thing missing are the hair and dress, and there's a thread in New Users asking about the dress.  If you like the kind of look Dreamlight goes for in his stuff, it's great.  If not, you might buy it for the figure or the props, environment, etc.

    If you want something that looks different, this is not for you.   But if you dig into the Environment, and especially the Tone Mapping settings Dreamlight has set up, you can get some ideas of the kind of things you can do with the Iray settings.  Not every Environment or Tone Mapping setting, including the default settings, ever looks good on every model's skin, or with every hair or outfit.

    I think one of the main values with sets like Dreamlight's or Linday's scenes, is as a way to help inexperienced users get an idea that maybe it's not Daz that sucks, and that once you spend some time getting to know your tools and understanding how they work, you can turn a bunch of mesh and textures into something that looks kind of cool.

  • I originally bought it mostly for the environment. I have a thing for that kind of sunny island scenery and the hut itself is really nice. It has a minimalist feeling and yet the hut details are spot on. I haven't even tried the girl yet, characters being a completely different part of my testing flow.

    I had no idea that Dreamlight had put that "painting touch" into the presets and when I saw it I got curious about how this particular look was achieved. As I said: I am curious about how this particular trick works. I don't expect it to be a one-click solution, either.

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    Look under "Render Settings" -> "Filtering" -> "Post Denoiser"

  • Thanks a lot Blaz! I hadn't thought of the denoiser at all >_< *selfbap*

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    "I haven't even tried the girl yet, characters being a completely different part of my testing flow."

    When you do get around to loading the figure, you will find that the included Actor is defective. It loads with messed up eyes and ears. Even if you dial out the figure, those weird problems remain. To get the figure to work right, just load any old G8F and dial in Ligaya from there. 

    On the left is how the Actor loads, on the right is the character using the sliders.

    weird ears.png
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    If I remember correctly, and looking at the image, the Actor preset just loads with a very low subD level. You can raise it in the Parameters tab.
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    Ligaya (the figure from the set) loads with "Resolution Level" set at "Base". Kicking that up to "High Resolution" cleans up the ears, but makes the eye problem worse. Changing the "SubDivision Level" from 1 to 3 has no effect on the problem. 

    It's no big thing either way, as the workaround is pretty easy.

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